Episode 170: Spy Slash Slash Durr

This week Luke and Devin go down the Gerard Way to talk about Peni Parker, aka SP//DR, anime, and some more stuff. Also we have an image gallery for this episode again.

Universes and Comics Covered

  • Earth-14512 – Edge of Spider-verse #5, Edge of Spider-Geddon #2

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Episode 124: The 500th Universe Kind of Spectacular!

This week Luke and Devin add their 500th Universe to Trials of the Multiverse after covering What If Uncle Ben Lived and JSA The Golden Age! It has everything! Uncle Ben insults Flash Thompson, J Jonah Jameson gets stood up to! Space Spores! Tex Thompson Returns From War! A Superhero Snorts Cocaine and Worships Satan! New Mexican People In Flannel Shirts and Jeans!

Universes and Comics Covered:

  • Earth-8408 – What If Vol 1 #46
  • Earth-? – JSA: The Golden Age #1-4

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