Episode 350: Die Hard 2020

Episode 350 of MultiversalQ is here with that Deadpool style numbering! Luke presents Die Hard 2020, Die Hard set in the year 2020 featuring (in order of appearence) :

Sam Froond as Argyle
Devin Warner as John McClane and Devin Warner
Zack Jenkins as The Guard
Jack David as Conner Rogers
Jeff Stolarcyk as Ellis
Jen Overstreet as Holly Genero
Dylan Roth as Theo
Luke Herr as Hans Gruber and Luke Herr
Mike Pfeiffer as Karl
Julian Ames as Eddie
Sam Paxton as France
Al Ewing as Hostage
Chris Eddleman as Joseph
Christie Eddleman as Mary
Robert Secundus as Gabriel
Chris Osborne as Thornburg

The featured song was Birthday Cake by Cibo Matto

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