Heroes Con 2017 Special

Luke went down to North Carolina to Heroes Con and came back with 10 Sketches to add onto the MultiversalQ Trials of the Multiverse, and there are some gifts to be exchanged and more.

Universes Explored:

  • Cap Blackard – Twitter – Earth-HC1701
  • Caleb Gollener- Twitter – Earth-HC1702
  • Andy Hirsch- Twitter – Earth-HC1703
  • Andy Suriano- Twitter – Earth-HC1704
  • Chad Bowers- Twitter – Earth-HC1705
  • Gregg Schigiel- Twitter – Earth-HC1706
  • Patrick Dean- Twitter – Earth-HC1707
  • Michel Fiffe- Twitter – Earth-HC1708
  • Royal Dunlap- Twitter – Earth-HC1709
  • Chris Sims- Twitter – Earth-HC1710


Check out the image gallery after the jump!

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