The 2017 MultiversalQ Christmas Holiday Spectacular

Merry Christmas and happy other holidays as well! Luke, Devin and a whole bunch of friends are here to provide you with an hour of feel good Christmas time fun! When Luke is a Scrooge and Devin is despairing, what will two angels do to help and improve their spirits? Find out in this somewhat ill conceived Christmas special!

Cast List

Heroes Con 2017 Special

Luke went down to North Carolina to Heroes Con and came back with 10 Sketches to add onto the MultiversalQ Trials of the Multiverse, and there are some gifts to be exchanged and more.

Universes Explored:

  • Cap Blackard – Twitter – Earth-HC1701
  • Caleb Gollener- Twitter – Earth-HC1702
  • Andy Hirsch- Twitter – Earth-HC1703
  • Andy Suriano- Twitter – Earth-HC1704
  • Chad Bowers- Twitter – Earth-HC1705
  • Gregg Schigiel- Twitter – Earth-HC1706
  • Patrick Dean- Twitter – Earth-HC1707
  • Michel Fiffe- Twitter – Earth-HC1708
  • Royal Dunlap- Twitter – Earth-HC1709
  • Chris Sims- Twitter – Earth-HC1710


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Home For The Holidays: The 2016 X-mas Special

Luke and Devin try to celebrate the holidays, but when a guest goes missing and with seasonal depression lurking like a horrid monster, will Luke and Devin be able to find the holiday spirit – or will they die trying?

Mayor Wertz as The Ghost of Christmas Future
Rhythm Bastard as Rhythm Bastard
Daniel Kibblesmith as The Ghost of 2009
Dylan Roth as A Recording of Dylan Roth
Chad Bowers as Chad Crosby
Chris Sims as Chris Bowie
The Columbus Voice Modulated Choice as The Yule Lads
Alex Kazanakas as The Ghost of Vincent Price
Lucas Brown as A Recording of Lucas Brown

An Editorial Note:
The holidays are a special time but they can also be horrific for some people. I personally deal with season depression which has been casually making itself part of my holiday traditions for the past few years now. When I recognized that I’ve been able to handle it better.
Originally we planned on having the inconsistent seasonal depression as more of a through-line – but plans changed. We had a lot of weird and fun guests, so our goal wasn’t to treat seasonal depression – or non-seasonal depression, flippantly, in case it comes off that way. We just became focused on 1. stringing all of the prerecorded bits together and 2. not having to rerecord anything to get this done on time.
If you do struggle with depression, or you don’t have family or friends you can comfortably see during the holiday season, my thoughts and prayers are with you and I’ll be there for you as best I can. If you need to reach out to someone this holiday season, I’m here, so feel free to do so.

Episode 54: The Easter Exiles RPG Spooktacular Part 1: Following Yonder Star

In this Exiles Holiday RPG special Luke and Devin are joined by James LeaskShannon from StrucciMovies, Bri Rudd and Carl Garcia for a new Exiles holiday special as the Exiles; Mr. Immortal, Wendigo, Elsa Bloodstone, Magik and Groot are sent to follow a star in a desert where they run into three kings heading for a child. Wait, was this supposed to be the Easter special?

Our theme music is by Vibe Leviathan and our cover art is by Kyle Latino