Episode 147: The Heroes Con 2018 Sketchbook Special

This week call up your loved ones because Luke and Devin are coming at you with another All Winner’s Sketchbook Special! Don’t think you’re a winner? Sweetie, get some more faith in yourself, you big old winner. We want you to win after all! It’s what you were made to do! Made? Sweetie?! Yes, we are also here to say that you were in fact a genetic creation which is why you got that invisible tail during puberty. Also the murder claws! Anyway, we still love you and got you some art by Patrick Dean, Chad Bowers, Chris Sims, Kyle Latino, Emmett Helen, and Scott Koblish!

Universes Discussed:

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Heroes Con 2017 Special

Luke went down to North Carolina to Heroes Con and came back with 10 Sketches to add onto the MultiversalQ Trials of the Multiverse, and there are some gifts to be exchanged and more.

Universes Explored:

  • Cap Blackard – Twitter – Earth-HC1701
  • Caleb Gollener- Twitter – Earth-HC1702
  • Andy Hirsch- Twitter – Earth-HC1703
  • Andy Suriano- Twitter – Earth-HC1704
  • Chad Bowers- Twitter – Earth-HC1705
  • Gregg Schigiel- Twitter – Earth-HC1706
  • Patrick Dean- Twitter – Earth-HC1707
  • Michel Fiffe- Twitter – Earth-HC1708
  • Royal Dunlap- Twitter – Earth-HC1709
  • Chris Sims- Twitter – Earth-HC1710


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Episode 27: SPX What If Sketches 2015

Luke went to SPX and got some What If Sketches to add onto the Trials of the Multiverse including art from Joe Hunter, Brandon Graham, Spaghetti Kiss, Michel Fiffe and more!

Our cover is by Noél Villay and our theme music is by Vibe Leviathan.

Featuring Art By

Joe Hunter Twitter: @joe_hunter Website: Ghost Bucket

Alex Kazanas Twitter: @dudeExclamation Tumblr: Dude Exclamation

Space Mousey Twitter: @spacemousey Webcomic: Alastere

Max Currie Twitter: @Max_Currie Website: Max Currie Comics

Kristen Gudsnuk Twitter: @henchgirl_comic Webcomic: Henchgirl

Brandon Graham Twitter: @royalboiler Website: RoyalBoiler

Michel Fiffe Twitter: @michelfiffe Website: Michel Fiffe

Luke Humphris Twitter: @lukehumphris Website: Luke At Sea

Spaghetti Kiss Twitter @spaghettikiss Website: Spaghetti Kiss

Jorge Santiago Jr. Twitter: @jorgesantiagojr Website: The Comic Art of Jorge Santiago Jr

 Additional thanks to Ross Scott, Clay Yount, old friends, new friends, people whose names I forget and everyone who makes SPX such an amazing show to go to.

(Post in Progress – Gallery is up Though)

Don’t forget to check out the image gallery at multiversalq.com to see the actual art!

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