Secret Wars Secret Special! What’s Happening? Are Things Happening In Secret Wars?

Between Luke and Devin, they’ve read all of the current Secret Wars comics before Secret Wars #6 came out so now you can know what to read, what to skip and what is best in life!


Theme song by Vibe Leviathan and cover art by Noel Villay.

Click below the fold to see the image gallery for a preview of every comic and our lists of recommended reading!

Books for Marvel Fans

  1. Giant Size Little Marvel AvX
  2. X-men 92
  3. Spider-Island
  4. Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars
  5. Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows

Books for Important Event Readers (what shapes the event Secret Wars?)

  1. Future Imperfect
  2. Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies
  3. Infinity Gauntlet
  4. Siege
  5. Guardians of Knowhere
  6. Ultimate End (?)
  7. Inhumans: Attilan Rising
  8. Star Lord and Kitty Pryde

Books for Event Explorers (what books take you through Battleworld the best)

  1. Captain Britain and the Mighty Avengers
  2. Squadron Supreme
  3. Korvac Saga
  4. Old Man Logan
  5. Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps
  6. Thors

Books for New Readers

  1. Weirdworld
  2. Runaways
  3. Master of Kung-Fu

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