Episode 7: Age of Ultron – no, not that one.

Luke and Devin discuss the comics event The Age of Ultron and then lots of comics that are better than age of Ultron. Also Luke found out how to do the volume on the recorder so the volume is up!

Universes and Issues Explored:

1. Earth 61112 – Age of Ultron – Age of Ultron #1-6
2. Earth 26111 – Age of Morgana Le Fay – Age of Ultron #6-12

Plus tie ins:
Avengers Assemble – #14 AU, #15 AU
Fantastic Four – #5 AU
The Fearless Defenders – #4 AU
Superior Spider-man – #6 AU
Ultron – #1 AU
Uncanny Avengers – #8 AU
Wolverine and the X-men – #27 AU


Luke figured out the volume so the episodes will be louder now! Score!

Also Wednesday we will be having Daredevil special where we discuss the TV show so see you then!



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