UltiversalQ 036: Push Pins

This time, Luke and Devin are back to rank everything they covered in Ultimatum! That’s a lot of comics! Also Luke finally opens Devin’s anniversary gift!

Issues Covered:

  • Ultimate Origins #1-5
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #129-133
  • Ultimatum #1-5
  • Ultimate X-men #98-100
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four #58-59
  • Ultimatum Fantastic Four Requiem #1
  • Ultimatum X-men Requiem #1
  • Ultimatum Spider-Man Requiem #1-2

Check out the image gallery and notes after the jump!

Ultimate Origins #1-5

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Art – Butch Guice, Colors – Justin Ponsor, Letters – Chris Eliopoulos, VC’s Cory Petit

August 1942 – Battle of Tenaru, Japan – first supersoldier – a symbol is killed, FDR wants a better one

1942 – New York – Steve Rogers tries to get recruited by the army but is turned away until Sergeant Dugan comes to talk. he is tested for several years

August 1943 – Sicily – Canadian James Howlett, Nicholas Fury and Fisk are working on splitting treasure they found, they are arrested. Fury ends up being tested as the 41st subject in Project Rebirth. He survives unlike the other subjects and escapes

Test 55 – Steve Rogers becomes captain america and is transformed, a Watcher is found, he meets with FDR who sends him overseas

October 1943 – Alberta Canada – James Howlett escapes a Weapon X facility and is shot down, found healing and is dragged back. 

August 1946 – Doctor Cornelius and Mister Colcord develop a mutated gene using Wolverine’s DNA

6 months ago Manhattan – Spider-Man met Bruce Banner who told him everything was connected, General Ross tried to capture him

27 years ago – Alberta Canada – Erik Lensherr, a mutant with magnetic control, frees James Howlett and kills his parents, part of the Weapon X program

18 years ago – San Francisco – Charles Xavier, a professor, meets Erik, another mutant with magnetic control, Charles can’t read his mind.

16 years ago – The Savage Land – Charles and Erik form the Brotherhood to survive and thrive. Erik reveals his father tried to kill him, how he freed Weapon X. He believed humans were not ready. Erik builds the first school 

Years ago – Kuwait – James Howlett saved Nick Fury. General Ross finds Fury in a hospital, knows he has been around since World War 2. He kept the name to honor his family. Fury decided to serve his country because trying to act against it cost him everything. Ross wants him to work

One year later – Dover, New Jersey – Fury assembles a team to make new super soldiers – Dr. Franklin Storm, Richard Parker, Bruce Banner, and Hank Pym, the intern. Fury gives them a sample of his blood to work with, banning human testing.

15 years ago – Banner is taken for the Baxter building, Parker had a son, Banner tests his serum on himself, Hulks out, almost kills Mary Parker, turns back and Fury saves baby Peter.

Years ago – Weapon X is invaded by Nick Fury and SHIELD and shuts it down, he finds out they created mutants and kills Dr. Concord and promises to keep it secret. He saves T’challa Udaku and carries him out.

Years ago – Savage Land – Magneto betrays Charles, crippling him because he doesn’t believe they can live together and believes God wants mutants to rule

Today – Devil’s Point, Wyoming – Project Pegasus, Carol Danvers, acting SHIELD director calls in the Fantastic Four to see the Watcher. They are unsure of what it does. 

More towers appear across the Earth. The Watcher possessed Sue and introduces itself as Uatu. They appear as stones, are here to observe critical moments in history. It picks a herald, Rick Jones. 

Ultimate Spider-Man #129-133

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Pencils – Stuart Immonen, Inks – Wade von Grawbadger, Color – Justin Ponsor, Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

Johnny is on a date with Britney Amber Fox which isn’t going well. He calls Peter who is spending time with Mary Jane, and Johnny asks Peter to call in five minutes to get him out of the date and then to find him a nice girl.

Aunt May goes to the school to talk to the vice principal to re-enroll Gwen, bringing in a letter from SHIELD and a note from Tony Stark. The vice principle is reasonably suspicious of May’s connections, warns the school might shut down, and puts pieces together. 

Peter calls Johnny so he can leave, Johnny claims he has to fight Doctor Doom, Peter invites him to hang out tomorrow, he fights the Vulture and Spider-Girl stops and binds him. Johnny tries to talk to her and she refuses to talk.

The next day, Kitty, Kenny, Peter, Gwen and MJ go to hang out downtown as the rain rolls in.

The police lead by Detective Mary Lambow and Detective Rodriquez come to look for Peter and arrest Aunt May for her connection to Spider-Man. 

May Parker is brought to the 103rd Police Precinct in Queens where she’s questioned about Spider-Man. May asks for her lawyer, the other detective wants to arrest Spider-Man and got the news from the vice principal. May was previously arrested for flag-burning at the UN. The earth shakes, the flood hits.

Spider-Man works to save people as Xavier’s message comes in. He works to keep trying to save people.

On the L Train, the crowd gets angry when Kitty phases in but her friends stick up for her and she works to evacuate them. 

May works to reunite and save people including Detective Mary Lambow. A phone pole almost falls, Spider-Girl saves them, is surprised to see Aunt May and calls her out. 

Peter runs into the Hulk.

At the Daily Bugle remote offices, Jonah comes to terms with the fact that his wife was dead and he’s been wrong about Spider-Man. He saw him diving in to save people. 

In Queens, Spider-Woman saves Aunt May and tells her to save him.

Hulk and Spider-Man team up to save people. Spider-man finds Daredevil in the rubble. Hulk turns back to Banner and is worried he caused the damage. Hulk gets angry and Spider-Man has to run.

Spider-Man sees a car stuck in the mystic window of Strange’s mansion that shoots out, releasing an army of demons.

Kenny, Mary Jane, Gwen and Kitty get to safety. Mary Jane goes to fight Kitty for sending Peter into the danger and she goes to help.

In the past Doctor Strange explained some of his magical items like the Orb of Acamantata, a doorway to the Dark Dimension held in by the seal of the Ancient One – which is now broken. 

A possessed Doctor Strange appears to show Hulk nightmares of the people he killed and Peter sees his own enemies returned. Peter is knocked out and is in a nightmare til he wakes up and struggles with getting beaten up and with existential crises that have undone everything that he did. 

Hulk starts attacking the demons to help Spider-Man causing a massive explosion.

After the explosion, Spider-Woman checks on Hulk who chases her until he is attacked by SHIELD and runs off. She runs into Kitty who doesn’t want to talk to her but they both help people in trouble and get them to safety. Another flood comes but they can’t find Spider-Man.

Kenny, Mary Jane and Gwen come home to Aunt May while Kitty brings Spider-Man’s mask, the only thing she found.

Ultimatum #1-5

Writer – Jeph Loeb, Art – David Finch, Inks – Danny Miki, Colors – Steve Firchow, Aspen’s Peter Steigerwald, Guru eFX,  Letters – Richard Starkings and Comicraft

4:12 PM – The Fantastic Four are at the Baxter Building. Reed is about to propose, Ben is working out, Johnny is going to leave to see his friends when his dad is criticizing him.

At Tony Stark’s Mansion, Tony Stark is drinking, Captain America wants to patrol, Valkyrie and Thor are fighting. Hank Pym is considering taking the Yellowjacket identity with Janet and Hawkeye.

On the L Train, Peter, MJ, Kitty, Gwen and Kenny are hanging out. 

In Broadway, Angel, Nightcrawler, Beast and Dazzler are hanging out on the street and pass Bruce Banner

SHIELD sends in Giant Men and helicopters for search and rescue.

Iron Man flies Captain America into the Triskelion.

Hawkeye goes after Yellowjacket to help find Janet with his enhanced senses. He finds Blob eating her. 

Ben watches over Sue in the coma, her powers start to go wild.

Reed follows Namor to find Doom and Zarda, Power Princess, who decide they will need to save Nick fury from the other universe. 

Thor finds Valkyrie dead at the Statue of Liberty and challenges Hela for her soul in Valhalla. He starts to fight an eternal army of the dead to save her and is joined by Captain America.

Magneto appears to Charles and snaps his neck for revenge, killing him. 

Volcanos in the amazon.

The Academy of Tomorrow with Emma Frost, Sunspot, Cannonball and Polaris are dead, Havok is missing.

Longshot, Forge, Detonator, Hard Drive are dead. More waves of Multiple Men are sent out.

Earthquakes in Wakanda.

A Madrox tries to kill Magneto but is killed.

Hank bites off Blob’s head. Hank returns to the Triskelion to try and save Janet.

Wolverine finds Nightcrawler dead.

Cyclops, Jean, Iceman and Storm find Angel mourning Beast and Dazzler. Wolverine returns, Jean finds Xavier is dead.

Thor and Captain America continue to fight and Hela returns Valkyrie’s dead body. Thor is angry and Hela demands someone stay so Thor decides to stay, sacrificing himself.

Madroxes attack the Triskelion and Carol and Iron Man work to hold them off, Hawkeye shows up to help. Yellowjacket gives Janet to Iron Man and tells her to run the Jocasta Project and then gathers as many Madroxes as he can and moves them to a safe distance to explode, killing him.

Valkyrie wakes up and Iron Man finds her, she explains that Thor is dead and she wants revenge. Captain America wakes up and Hawkeye tells him Janet is dead. 

Dormammu is freed in the explosion along with Doctor Strange and he’s currently wielding Johnny Storm. Dormammu uses the robe to choke Strange till his head explodes. Sue and The Thing show up, someone comes to Strange’s body. 

Hulk is being chased by the army and the X-men intercept. Wolverine comes to Hulk and Jean convinces him to help. 

Doom, Reed, and Zarda come to get Nick Fury and he accepts it when he finds out what is going on and how he caused the events. He wanted Magneto to wipe out the earth so he could take over but he went too far. Fury sends them home with him.

Kitty tells Wolverine Spider-Man is dead and he gives her something if he won’t return.

Angel attacks Magneto who sicks Sabretooth on him, killing him. Hawkeye shoots Sabretooth. Valkyrie cuts off Magneto’s arm and takes Mjolnir back. Captain America comes in and attacks as everyone else follows.

Wolverine attacks and Magneto uses Cyclops and Iron Man to disintegrate Wolverine by changing their direction but not before Wolverine’s corpse stabs Magneto, Jean knocks out Hawkeye and Storm turns off Iron Man. Magneto then explodes Wolverine’s corpse. Colossus destroys the engines with Hulk, Mystique almost attacks but Sabretooth pulls her out and the engines explode. 

As Magneto tries to wrap up, Fury appears and uses Jean Grey to show Magneto the truth that humans created mutants, not God. Magneto realizes he was an asshole, he fixes the poles and the axis and Cyclops shoots his head off, as Magneto wishes for Charles to forgive him. They all leave Asteroid M.

Cyclops appears at the Senate Building to announce legislation that mutants will need to surrender themselves to the government but he is murdered on the step by a sniper rifle. The crowd falls into chaos.

Doom has Namor trapped when Ben shows up and murders Doom.

It turns out Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are still alive and used the bullet that killed Scarlet Witch to kill Cyclops and they are the new brotherhood with Mystique and Sabretooth.

4:13 the storm hits

Franklin Storm immediately dies, Janet vanishes, shrunk down, Banner Hulks out and sees a tower, 

Kitty gets Peter out of the train so he can switch into Spider-Man. 

Angel finds that Dazzler is dead. Iron Man rescues Captain America. Sue tries to hold back the sea but faints. 

Reed leaves to track down Namor blaming him for the events and he denies it.

Latveria freezes, angering Doom

5:02 – Xavier screams from the psychic feedback and then warns them all how it is Magneto’s fault and tells them they will need to fight Magneto who has Mjolnir

Ultimate X-men #98 – 100

Writer – Aron E. Coleite, Pencils – Mark Brooks, Dan Panosian, Inks – Karl Story,  Danny Miki, Colors – Edgar Delgado, Letters – Comicraft’s Albert Deschesne

At the Stryker household, William and his wife and son are spending the day together. William went up to look at a bird when he saw the wave come in but it was too late and they died.

Back at the school, Rogue, Firestar, Psylocke, Syndicate, Toad, Jean. Cyclops and Wolverine see the news. Cyclops, Jean and Wolverine leave them behind and don’t trust Rogue, who is angry about what happened. Jean knows Allison and Kurt died. 

William sets up a tent to bring people together and gets angry about the wave and what god did. Despite not liking his father’s legacy, he is called by other people to kill mutants and they use some Sentinel pieces they took from SHIELD

In Canada, Rogue attacks Alpha Flight’s base because she knows that Vindicator is actually Wraith. She recruits him to help kill Magneto. The group heads to Montreal where Sabretooth and Juggernaut are drinking together, and then captures both of them.

At the mansion the Sentinels hybrids attack.

Syndicate is killed by the purifiers for questioning them

Rogue absorbs Sabretooth’s powers and memories and can’t find what she needs. Wraith tried torturing Juggernaut. Psylock reaches out to everyone for help fight the Sentinels at Xavier’s. Wraith doesn’t want to go. Firestar and Toad are saved by Rogue, Sabretooth, Juggernaut and Wraith. 

Madrox Multiple Men show up because they’re supposed to kill mutants who are not loyal to Magneto and he leaves.

In the fight Juggernaut is killed with poison through his eye and he asks to touch Rogue one last time. As Rogue attacks she sees Stryker’s memories and he declares he was a martyr and Rogue is just a murderer who deserves the hate.

Multiple Men storm and bomb Parliament 

Rogue struggles with the death of Xavier while she was fighting Sentinels who ran off. Jean warns them they will need to split up – to stop Jamie Madrox. Angels doesn’t want to go.

Cyclops, Iceman and Rogue go to the Academy of Tomorrow and Rogue uses his powers to make copies while Jean works to stall them all. Cyclops gets slashes badly by a Multiple Man.

Jean tries to freeze all of the Madrox in the Morlock Tunnels and Storm has to kill one that breaks free.

Wolverine went to the Savage Land, met with Ka-Zar and Shanna and find a house where Lorelei has Madrox in a trance. 

The Madroxes start to overpower, Rogue is knocked out when the prime is knocked out. Wolverine killed Lorelei and then finds prime Madrox who believes he is still a teen. Wolverine is forced to kill him.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #58-59

Writer – Joe Pokaski, Pencils – Tyler Kirkham, Inks – Ryan Winn, Rick Basaluda, Jason Gorder, Joe Weems, Sal Regla, Colors – Blond, Larry Molinar Letters – VC’s Rus Wooton

Ben Grimm was born with complications but fought though. When Ben got older, Reed worked with him to learn to block and play football. 

Sue had innate talents but people didn’t really believe in her except for Molekvic. 

Sue had tried to kill himself 9 months back. Sue found him and remembered being amazed by his eyes and told him to hang on.

He gets knocked out of the building which is turning invisible due to Sue’s coma. Johnny is missing but Mary Storm is there to help. She realizes they will need Dr. Arthur Molekevic to help.

They fly to Oregon to Nursery Two for Crazy Josie’s help and she along with Gus and Phin head to the San Andreas fault. They find Moleman’s Moloids fighting fire men so Ben rushes in and they defeat the fire monsters and he accepts when he hears Sue needs help and they return. He shows Sue didn’t invest time in herself but they can fix her if they go inside using Pym Particles from the previous event.

Ross tries to shut down the trip but Ben fights and they take in the Awesome II. Sue goes into cardiac arrest as they fight a swarm of nano-robot bugs, similar to the ones that Doom had used. Ben fights them off and they reach the brain where they make the necessary surgery before they have to leave because the Pym processor was punctured and they fly out. Sue wakes up. Ross offers Ben a job working for SHIELD as a test pilot. Ben goes to check on her and she is examining the nano-bot which she determines is something Reed made and likely put into everyone so they can reverse the signal to find Johnny.

Johnny was born and Sue promised to be the best big sister.

Mary was offered millions to find Atlantis, a massive city over 11 thousand tears old. Shortly after she faked her death. 

Sue takes a sample of Ben’s blood and finds the nano machines in him too but they need an antenna to reverse the signal – which Mary Storm has in Atlantis. 

They are attacked by Atlanteans Namora, Tigershark and Doctor Dorcas who capture them because Reed stole Namora. Mary explains she knows about the antennae but aren’t allowed to talk more. Mary offers a deal for freedom if she activates the antennae was a weapon. This distraction lets them escape and defeat them when they switch partners. Sue finds that Johnny and Reed are in other universes, Reed is in the dimension home to the Ultimate Squadron Supreme and Johnny is in a hell dimension.

Ultimatum Fantastic Four Requiem #1

Writer – Joe Pokaski, Pencils – Robert Atkins, Inks – Mark Morales, Color – Guru-eFX, Letters – VC’s Rus Wooton

Johnny was talking to his dad about trying to make something of himself before the wave hit. When he woke up he started to despair and talk to the statue of liberty that animated and vored him. He ends up in the Dark Dimension where he’s used to fuel magic. Sue and Ben worked to update the ship with Molekevic’s help to go to the other dimension because he missed the collaboration.

They went to Dormammu to fight and Sue formed a bubble around his head, had Johnny explode with a flame and turned Dormammu human, freeing Johnny.

Reed tried to talk and was rejected. 

Johnny was upset that his dad died. 

Ben confronts Reed who blames himself for what happened and feels he needs to fix everything and ultimately he realizes someone needs to kill Doom before things get worse. Ben goes to kill Victor as a result, keeping it secret.

At the funeral, Reed tries to propose and Sue turns him down. Ben decides to sign up to be a pilot, Johnny heads to France for an escape, Mary Storm works with Sue to put her in charge of the Baxter Building, and Reed moves back in with his parents.

Ultimatum X-men Requiem #1

Writer – Aron E Coleite, Art – Ben Oliver, Color – Edgar Delgado, Letters – Comicraft’s Albert Deschesne

At the Triskelion, Kitty sneaks in and steals Wolverines’ arm.

Rogue is having issues coping with the loss, has Juggernaut’s strength. They get ready to bury the mutants who died. Iceman destroys the mansion.

Kitty returns with the arm to buy it. 

That’s when Mystique, Sabretooth and Assemble, an android with the powers of all of the Ultimates that Magneto created. They claim to come in peace and want to form a team and Jean calls them out for doing nothing. Kitty stabs Sabretooth with Wolverine’s arm, Jean who lost the Phoenix knocks out Mystique in hand to hand fighting. Captain America shows up to knock out Assemble and they pay their respects. 

Ultimatum Spider-Man Requiem #1-2

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Pencils – Mark Bagley and Stuart Immonen, Inks – Scott Hanna and Wade von Grawbadger, Colors – Pete Pantazis and Justin Ponsor and Edgar Delgado, Letter – VC’s Cory Petit

Jameson and the Daily Bugle staff return to the offices and Jonah comes to terms with his wife’s death. For the time being they decide to start writing for the website, starting with publishing the true Spider-Man stories that weren’t run.

Like when MJ went to interview Tony Stark about why he’s a public hero but then why he also makes weapons. HYDRA soldiers led by Madame Hydra end up crashing in, Peter hears about it while working in the offices. He rescues MJ as Spider-Man before running back in. He causes enough of a distraction so Tony can put on his suit and incapacitate everyone. Tony calls Spider-Man a hero in every way and then Jonah hears the news that Spider-Man is dead. 

Before the events the school had to evacuate when the Hulk showed up nearby. Spider-man rushed in to help and things got worse. Spider-man had to rush to save a bus that almost got knocked off a bridge and the Hulk ended up helping to save him before reverting back to Banner. Spider-Man talked to him because he was attacked. Ross showed up and threatened Banner who Hulked up and left. Jonah initially blamed it on Spider-Man and Hulk attacking. Captain America and Iron Man end up finding Spider-Man under the rubble.

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