UltiversalQ 037: Kill for Daddy

Luke and Devin are back with updates on what they’ve been enjoying! Also Devin witnesses a crime and tells nobody! Also Iron Man wants his suits back, the mutants want a team again, and Spider-Man is flipping burgers, adopting teens, and breaking hearts!

Issues Covered:

  • Ultimate Armor Wars #1-4
  • Ultimate Comics X #1-5
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1-6

Check out the image gallery (when Devin sends it) and the notes after the jump!

Ultimate Armor Wars #1-4
Writer – Warren Ellis, Pencils – Steve Kurth, Inks – Jeff Huet, Allen Martinez, Scott Hanna, Color – Guru eFX, Letter – VC’s Joe Sabino
After Ultimatum Tony Stark is low on money and is going through the ruins of New York City to reach the Stark Headquarters while also live recording a podcast because he has to make money somehow. Inside he finds Justine Hammer, who is there looking for his nanites to save herself from some superpowers, and then he’s notified of another figure. The other figure who got past his DNA lock and escapes is recognized by Justine as The Ghost, a professional thief. Justine saves Tony during the escape so he gives her the nanites she was looking for while letting her keep her powers.
Tony realizes he needs to get back the tech that The Ghost stole and invites Justine along.
With the money running low, Tony sets off, hooks up with Justine on the way, and tracks their target to Doctor Faustus who bought the tech. Tony brings the iMan suit, a portable Iron Man skin and finds Faustus’ base. Faustus has been killing agents who tries to kill him with his bad Iron Man cyborgs. Tony turns off the tech and kills them with the iMan. Faustus reveals he’s a man suit with a MODOK like body inside who reveals he passed the data to Bram Velsing, from a family of weird horny German Nazis who lives in Frankenstein’s old castle.
Velsing has his own suit now and was also attached by Ghost. Justine ends up saving Tony from Velsing and allows Tony to go and hack Velsing’s suit threatening to leave him locked in a suit. Velsing reveals he sold the tech to the British but he also paid for access to fast assembly nano tech that was DNA coded to Tony. He bought it from the Ghost who stole it back but also sold the tech off to the British.
The British have built some anti-riot gear they’re using on protestors and Tony’s suit is still very damaged. Tony flies in telling them to stop it while sending Justine in to get the sales information to the press. Tony’s fight damages his suit before Ghost shows up, knocking the suit out and sending him out into the river – but the last of the riot suits saves him as the revelation it was bought from a weapons dealer is controversial.
Justine helps him and Tony reveals he coated Ghost with radiation to track him so after Justine and Tony hook up again but they’re attacked in the plane by another suit that captures Tony when he tries to fight it.
Tony wakes up in a Project Tomorrow base tied up with Justine. The person behind the plot was Howard Stark Sr, Tony’s grandfather who was brought on for a black project and his death was faked who used the DNA connection to access the tech.
Howard set up everything so he could get upgrades when people needed his help and wants Tony to use some mysterious tech he found that Tony has and he thinks its a big secret. Tony reveals it is his head from another universe and the technology kills other nearby technology except for Tony’s because he protected his tech against it, and it kills everyone else in the room except for Tony.

Ultimate Comics X #1-5
Writer – Jeph Loeb, Pencils – Arthur Adams, Colors – Aspen MTL’s Peter Steigerwald, Digital Inks – Aspen MLT’s Mark Roslan, Letters – Richard Starkings and Comicraft’s Albert Deschesne
Jimmy Hudson is a teen in a drag race and in the fight his car is flipped over. He crawls from the wreckage and finds out that he has a healing factor. His adoptive father James Hudson who is the sheriff finds him and takes him home since mutants are now being hunted.
Kitty Pryde shows up in Florida on the next day and gives him the box that Wolverine gave her because he’s Wolverine’s dad and they find in the belongings, a holographic projection who tells him he is his dad, he wont explain his mother, and Jimmy learns to use his claws which somehow get coated in metal. Jimmy’s adoptive parents tell her to leave and James talks to Jimmy.
Jean meanwhile assumed the opportunity of Karen and died her hair black, building up a new life where she now dates Dave, a mall security guard who knows next to nothing about her and who she faked a relationship with. She finds that Dave posted a picture of her online which she didn’t want him to ever do and she gets angry. Rogue shows up but it’s actually Mystique who is there with Sabretooth to recruit her.
Dave catches her leaving with them and tries to stop them so Sabretooth attacks and Jean hits him with several cars and erases everyone’s memories of her. Jimmy meanwhile tracked her down to where she was staying.
In Chicago, Derek Morgan is a mutant who can turn into a winged form known as The Guardian and is using his powers to stop criminals and steal their money to pay his rent to his brother Joseph Morgan, a cop. He and his pregnant wife are suspicious of where he’s getting the money.
Jean is meanwhile frustrated with how horny Jimmy is a they go to Chicago.
The cops try to capture The Guardian and Joe tries to stop Derek who still tries to bring him in so Jean and Jimmy save the both of them. Jean gives him the option of his family losing their memories or them getting a new life and they head out with their new team member.
Liz Allen meanwhile moved to the OC where her mother has a small fortune. She also now lives with her half-brother Teddy, who is like the Blob, and who is goaded into being an outcast by Evan.
Meanwhile Jean, Jimmy and Derek are waiting to make their move.
A week later at school, Evan brings a gun, shoots the principal, which leads to a police standoff. Teddy tries to stop Evan and is shot instead since he has the Blob powers, Evan rejects him when they say he’s also a mutant, Liz flames on and Jean’s team comes in followed by Pietro, assembling his own team. Liz joins Jean’s team and Teddy joins Pietro’s team.
In New Jersey, Sabretooth attack Jimmy and beats the hell out of him until he is pulled away. Jean decides they need a new plan and she reaches out to Bruce Banner who is working in a soup kitchen and she offers to help him out. Hulk finds Sabretooth in bar and beats him up until both teams show up and Pietro’s team leaves, calling it even and Jean threatens to kill them if they mess with anyone else. Nick Fury also shows up since he’s directing the team using his intel to guide them to save people since he’s no longer the head of SHIELD as The Tomorrow People. Meanwhile Pietro plans to use Scarlet Witch to balance off against the Tomorrow People.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1-6
Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Artist – David Lafuente, Colorist – Justin Ponsor, Letters – VC’s Cory Petit
Six months after Ultimatum, Peter is currently working in fast food and he is having a rough time. A new mysterious figure in a red cloak with phasing powers stops a thief before Spider-Man stops by, too late, and finds the police who are now big fans. When he gets back in, Gwen Stacy is there and they are dating and living in the same house. Johnny Storm shows up at the house and collapses.
Meanwhile the Kingpin, Wilson Fisk returned to town and is killed by Mysterio who sends him out of the window. Mysterio then announces he did it and says he’s taking what is his.
Peter is meanwhile having nightmares.
Kitty is being targeted by the mutant-phobes like Flash Thompson which angers Kenny Kong and Kitty gets detention. Mary Jane was filming her and Kitty destroys the camera.
While Peter and Gwen have a rooftop lunch date they see signs of destruction and Spider-Man swings off. He runs into the mother and daughter team, the Bombshells, who can cause explosions, but only when they touch. Spider-Man separates them and they arrest the police arrest her daughter and Spider-Man swings off.
Johnny gets back up and with some food explains that he was dealing with shock and then he returned home, couldn’t deal with it and came to look for Peter. Aunt May makes him call Sue in the meantime.
Meanwhile at work, Peter spills his drink on Mary Jane and get to talk about how she’s angry about the relationship and how it ended.
Spider-Man gets a distress call as giant spiders are attacking which is part of a plan by Mysterio to rob the Federal Reserve. Spider-Man catches onto it, ruining Mysterio’s plan that he spent for months and when Peter gets home, Johnny reveals that he’s moving in. Peter and Johnny are set to move into the same room, and Johnny is going to have chores for the first time ever.
Back at the mall, Mary Jane’s manager tries to ask her out and she tries to stop when a random guy in a car pulls up to ask her out and pulls out a gun when she turns him down. The Shroud shows up and stops everyone in the car before running off, leaving Mary Jane behind.
At school Mary Jane tells Peter about the Shroud and she admits she regrets breaking up with him and Gwen comes to talk to support her. Jessica comes to let MJ know the Hulk is attacking and she wants to film and Peter leaves.
When he gets to the bridge, it turns out to be a trap by Mysterio who knocks him out.
In Queens, Kitty’s mom gets home to find Bobby Drake waiting in the basement.
Back on the bridge, the Shroud appears and distracts Mysterio enough for Peter to get back up and Mysterio, unmasked by Spider-Man, vanishes. Peter tries to talk to the Shroud who points out evidence and vanishes.
Kitty is in trouble with her mother so Kitty has a new idea.
Peter shows up at the office with the evidence which he’s chewed out for stealing and when he mentions he thinks Mysterio is after him and that might be a clue.
When Peter gets home, he finds out they’re also adopting Bobby as well and this is Aunt May’s way of helping while Mysterio finds Spider-Man’s blood on his robot.
Aunt May gives Johnny black hair and shaves Bobby’s head and enrolls them as Peter’s cousins Johnny and Bobby, claiming their records were destroyed in the flood. The principal is willing to help now, seeing Spider-Man being a student as an honor.
The next day Peter’s Spider-Sense goes off as a Mysterio made Spider-Slayer comes in, tracking Peter’s DNA and he suits up and works to save people. The Shroud comes in and deactivates it but then Johnny melts it, destroying the machine so there are no clues left and unknown to everyone else, Kitty is the Shroud and her powers are hurting her.
Mysterio meanwhile is working on figuring out who Peter is because he wants to ruin him but when he sees Captain Quaid who tracked his base down, he blows it up.

Ultimate Armor Wars #1-4
Ultimate Comics X #1-5
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1-6 The World According to Peter Parker

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