UltiversalQ 041: Oh Yes, We Got Trouble

This week, Luke and Devin watch as Spider-Man hits #150 with some major changes coming to Peter Parker’s life, the Zodiac Key shows up for those fans, and then Blade and some members of the Ultimate Avengers fight vampires and it gets very dumb.

Comics Covered

  • Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #15
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #150-155
  • Ultimate Comics: Avengers 3 #1-6

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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #15

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Art – Sara Pichelli, Color – Justin Ponsor, Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

Peter is dealing with the Chameleon fallout as Carol Danvers warns him once he is 18 she’ll decide what to do and as he also has to talk to MJ and Gwen. At school, Gwen is having a hard time with everything and talks to MJ before making a choice. In the hospital Jameson is recovering while the press is attacking Spider-Man and he decides to publish his testimony without revealing Spider-Man’s identity.

At school, Lana Baumgartner enrolls and Peter recognizes her voice as part of the Bombshells and goes to talk to her about it, which Gwen and MJ see. Peter goes to apologize to MJ first and she explains she does have feelings but he needs to talk to Gwen who leaves.

Ultimate Spider-Man #150

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Art Teams – David Lafuente & Justin Ponsor, Sara Pichelli & Justin Ponsor, Joelle Jones, Sunny GHo and Sakti Uuwono of IFS, Jamie McKelvie & Matthew Wilson, Skottie Young & Jean-Francois Beaulieu, Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

After Spider-Man stopped a villain named the Ringer who was trying to steal jewelry and who ended up causing more collateral damage, Carol assembles Iron Man, Captain America and Thor for their take. Iron Man talks about how Spider-Man helped him fight Whiplash because he knew how Iron Man’s tech works and it means he’s smart. Captain America shares how Spider-Man tries to stop some AIM agents along with Captain America but causes collateral damage including accidentally webbing Captain America and he thinks he is an idiot and a child. 

Thor shares how the wizard Xandu stole the Eye of Avalon and became Mangog and Spider-Man risked his life to save him until Thor showed up and Thor sees him as a Warrior in need of guidance.

In Queens, when Peter gets home, Carol Danvers, SHIELD agents and Aunt May are waiting to tell Peter that he will be having after school superhero training.

Ultimate Spider-Man #151-152

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Art – Sara Pichelli, David Lafuente, Color – Justin Ponsor, Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

We find out that Black Cat witnessed Mysterio killing the Kingpin before she could. A week later she breaks in to get to his vault but Mysterio also wants what he has in there and tries to recruit her but she rejects the offer. He tries to kill her so she has to escape and he gets into the vault.

Black Cat followed Mysterio to his base that got blown up when the police followed. She came back a week later to find a large golden ankh and Mysterio who refers to it as the Zodiac Key, which she escaped with.

Meanwhile Peter is worried about Gwen when Lana comes to sit with the guys and Bobby makes it awkward by asking her out.

Gwen returns to Aunt May revealing she went to see her biological mom who turned her away but they get interrupted when Iron Man shows up looking for Peter. Aunt May gets angry as a crowd shows up and tells him to leave which he does.

When Peter and the boys get home, their neighbors are leaving because another superhero showed up, they meet up with Gwen, and Aunt May is angry with SHIELD.

Gwen breaks up with Peter when they get a private moment because the situation is complicated before Iron Man calls for Peter.

Ultimate Spider-Man #153-155

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Art – Sara Pichelli, David Lafuente, Lan Medina, Ed Tadeo, Elena Casagrande, Chris Samnee, Color – Justin Ponsor, Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

We find out that Kingpin initially bought the Zodiac Key and accidentally used it, killing everyone around him.

Spider-Man meets up with Iron Man for training and he realizes that Iron Man has no idea how to train him.

Black Cat returns to her apartment with the Zodiac Key in the present and Mysterio offers her money but she rejects him and teleports him away with the key. He reappears and tells her that aliens gave it as a gift to the Pharaoh and he wants it to change things.

Iron Man gets an energy surge reading from the Key and the pair go to look into it and they find Black Cat and Mysterio in rubble with Mysterio holding the key. 

Meanwhile Gwen runs into MJ as they see an explosion coming from downtown.

Iron Man used all his energy stopping the blast from the key before another one breaks his armor. Spider-Man grabs it, Black Cat warns him about the danger but Spider-Man accidentally uses it creating a vortex before he turns it off and drops it. Mysterio threatens everyone with a gun before Tony Stark deactivates Mysterio who was a remote controlled robot. He moves the key to safety and Spider-Man and Black Cat work to rescue survivors. 

When Peter gets home, he tells MJ about everything that happened.

The next day Peter is fired from his mall food court job when J Jonah Jameson calls and Peter is worried about what it will mean. Jameson meets with him and shows how he almost died but how he wants to do the right thing to help him out. Jameson offers him anything he wants so he offers Peter a scholarship which Peter turns down because he wants to earn his way. Peter wants a job with safety so Jameson tells him to give him Spider-Man exclusives. 

Meanwhile the Shroud, Kitty Pryde, shows up to stop a gang of rollerblade criminals and Peter asks to talk and she’s willing. Kenny moved to Wisconsin, dumping her essentially, and when they got back to his place, it turns out Peter forgot about his birthday. Mary Jane reveals Tony Stark sent him improved web shooters and she gives Peter a kiss.

Ultimate Comics: Avengers 3 #1-6

Writer – Mark Millar, Pencils – Steve Dillon, Ink – Andy Lanning, Scott Hanna, Color – Matt Hollingsworth, Matt Wilson, John Rauch Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

Blade the Vampire Hunter is with some women, after some sex, when some vampires come in his hotel room, to try and get him to follow the new vampire lord Anthony. He kills them and then the women are also vampires so he kills them too. One vampire escapes so Blade tracks him down, kills him and tells him to give a message to Anthony, his boss, who is in a generation 1 Iron Man suit.

Meanwhile Ray Connor is a teen in a Matt Murdock situation where he lost his sight but his vision is really strong and Stick has started to train him just like he trained Matt Murdock because they’re supposed to kill the King of the Vampires. Eventually he becomes the new Daredevil but he finds a vampire Nerd Hulk feeding on Stick before he is fed on.

Meanwhile since the Ultimates are busy and Nerd Hulk is missing, Nick Fury assembles the Avengers. 

Nerd Hulk previously asked Captain America to move him onto the Ultimates or to let him go in public so he could get his comics signed but Captain America doesn’t think it would work well. Nerd Hulk decides to ignore him and he’s jumped by Anthony and the other vampires.

The book he was going to get signed was Trouble by Mark Millar about Spider-Man’s parents and aunt and uncle as teens. What would this book be about in the Ultimate Universe? Who is it for? Why would Ultimate Mark Millar write this?

The Avengers go to track down Nerd Hulk while Blade tries to get more information on the vampires where he finds out that Anthony is making a vampire army and plans to make super vampires.

The Avengers go into the sewers where the vampires bite Captain America before going to cause damage in the streets. The Ultimates retreat with Captain America, Nick Fury takes over part of the Triskelion, pissing off Carol, and both Stark Brothers are set to come in.

Anthony meanwhile forces Hulk to let him remove the tracker by ripping it from his body. 

Blade breaks in by drugging people including Hawkeye so he can try to kill Captain America but he takes too long and Captain America escapes and bites him. Blade has a dream about killing the characters from Twilight before he gets up and Captain America escapes and Black Widow shoots Blade in the head to knock him out for questioning.

Meanwhile the Starks have a dick measuring contest as they go to get briefed up on everything. Blade explains that Anthony who was the leader of the vampire hunters got bit and decided to save himself and he’s building an army and so Gregory Stark makes a tracker for the suit.

Meanwhile Nerd Hulk is tired of Anthony’s attitude and kills him by punching off his head. Captain America shows up and asks to feed from the Nerd Hulk which he provides. 

Meanwhile Perun, the Russian Thor equivalent from Liberators, along with some Giant Men are called while Blade is locked up.

Unfortunately the vampires are already in with Stick now wearing the armor and Tony is attacked while the Nerd Hulk led vampire army comes on the surface, feeding on the Giant Man. Perun heads out to fight with the Thor hammer but is killed by Nerd Hulk after Captain America refuses and then the Giant Man who was fed on turns, capturing Nick Fury. 

Blade goes to fight Stick and Daredevil but he runs away while on the surface one Giant Man stabs the vampire one with a jet and then Nerd Hulk steals Nick Fury. Blade tries to use guns on the armored Stick but it does nothing, luckily Captain America recovers from the vampirism, takes Perun’s teleporting hammer and takes them all to the Iran where it is daytime and Blade kills Stick. Unfortunately the moment is cut short because Tony might be dead.

Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #15 – Tainted Love (Epilogue)

Ultimate Spider-Man #150 – Spidey’s 150th Anniversary Special

Ultimate Spider-Man #151-152 – Superhero Training

Ultimate Spider-Man #153-155 – Death of Spider-Man: Prelude

Ultimate Comics: Avengers 3 #1-6 – Blade Vs. the Avengers

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