UltiversalQ 045: Countdown to 54

This week, Luke and Devin realize the Ultimate Universe will only be around for 10 more episodes so Miles Morales is going to have to start moving faster as the new Spider-Man and The Ultimates will need to make some new allies like a magical talking tumor if they want to stop The Maker.

Comics Covered

  • Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #7-12
  • Ultimate Comics: Ultimates #7-12

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Ultimate Comics: Spider-man #7-12

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Art – Chris Samnee, Sara Pichelli, David Marquez, Color – Justin Ponsor, Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

Miles has been trying to live up to the Spider-Man legacy but is having issues like his father’s mutant phobia and his own limits. He sees an explosion though and follows it to find Omega Red. After a long fight, Spider-Man zaps Omega Red with a venom blast knocking him out.

Meanwhile The Prowler shows up at the Tinkerer’s because the tech broke and asks if he made the new Spider-Man so he can get similar powers. Tinkerer explains Osborn made the first Spider-Man and tried to make more and he realizes Miles is Spider-Man and kills the Tinkerer.

In Paris, Aunt May and Gwen are enjoying things until May sees a newspaper talking about another Spider-Man.

The next day at school, Uncle Aaron shows up at Miles’ school, explaining he knows Miles is Spider-Man and wants them to work together, but a school administrator chases him off.

Police Captain Quaid is meanwhile dealing with The Kangaroo, aka Frank Oliver, who is in lockup after fighting Spider-Man and Quaid wants info.

Elsewhere The Scorpion comes to town, deciding to become the new Kingpin and looks to come after The Prowler.

Miles meanwhile is feeling stressed and heads out to fight crime and runs into The Ringer who binds him but is then knocked out as the police show up with Captain Quaid who wants to bring in Spider-Man or get him to stop being Spider-Man. He refuses, escapes the rings and runs off. 

That night the Prowler returns to the Tinkerer’s base looking for more tech and finds the Scorpion and his men waiting for him. Scorpion attacks so Aaron steals the Vulture’s wings but the Scorpion is strong than Aaron expected, forcing him to flee. 

Elsewhere during curfew, Miles is missing but is able to double back in time. Judge, Miles’ roommate besides Ganke wants to know what’s going on but they refuse to say anything, and that night, Miles receives a text from Aaron asking for help with one last job.

Miles meets up and Aaron reveals he is the Prowler, how he accidentally stole the Spider while looking for something else and then tests his fighting ability. Aaron is winning until he takes Miles mask so Miles Venom Blasts him. Miles reveals that Nick Fury knows about Prowler and Miles asks why he’s there. 

Aaron explains he wants to train him which Miles turned down so Aaron threatens to tell his father. He says if Miles helps him take down the Scorpion they’ll be good. Miles tries to figure out what to do, thinking the Ultimates are too busy to help, and deciding he has nothing else to do and believing the Scorpion is a bad guy, chooses to work with Aaron.

Aaron, unmasked, and Spider-Man burst into the Scorpion’s meeting and a shootout begins and Scorpion goes after Spider-Man. Aaron saves him and they knock out everyone else except for the Scorpion who chooses to run and Spider-Man venom blasts him and turns him over to the police. He runs back to check on Aaron who is missing before returning to school. When he gets back he finds Aaron texting him about the next job and Miles says no.

Meanwhile Aunt May and Gwen move back into their old house and May asks Tony to get her in contact with the new Spider-Man.

At school, Miles is thinking about trying to tell his parents everything, to be a good person and he doesn’t want to be an enforcer. When Miles goes home Aaron is there, waiting for him and Miles tells him to leave.

That night Miles meets Aaron on the roof of a building and tells him to leave town. Aaron goes to attack him and Miles breaks his tech but the fight spills into the streets where Miles has to work on rescuing people. Aaron is about to knock out Miles when his Shocker gauntlet explodes, catching Aaron in the blast and before he dies, he says Miles is just like him.

Ultimate Comics: Ultimates #7-12

Writer – Jonathan Hickman, Sam Humphries, Art – Esad Ribic, Luke Ross, Colors – Dean White, Matthew Wilson, Additional Art – Butch Guice, Leonard Kurt, Patrick Zircher, Ron Garney, Additional Colors – Matt Milla, Jesus Aburtov, Letters – VC’s Clayton Cowles

Nick Fury flies a helicarrier to the Twin Cities of Ti’an looking to get them aligned against Reed Richards and The City. He goes along with The Falcon, Sam Wilson, Monica Chang, and Clint Barton to talk to Zorn and Xorn. Zorn is unwilling but Xorn thinks they should work towards peace and has the Oracle send a message asking them to work together for a better world which pisses off The Maker and the People so they shut down the message and possess the Oracle, calling them all regressive and warning them they will come after them before the Oracle dies. 

In the Himalayas, Agent Flumm is sent to bring the Hulk back, warning that if he doesn’t return, SHIELD will dissect Betty Ross, She-Hulk, so they convince Hulk to be used as a weapon against the City. The Hulk is unstoppable until the Maker comes to talk to him and promises him everything he wants.

Meanwhile, as Xorn mourns the loss of The Oracle, Zorn flies to destroy.

In Washington DC, the President enacts a plan. Shortly after, Spider-Woman and Captain Britain are knocked out at the Triskelion, Thor and Tony Stark are attacked by SHIELD next at Stark Tower.

We find out that the president has suspended SHIELD controlled by Nick Fury and has launched every nuclear missile at the City, while the Maker explains to Hulk that the government is trying to kill him again and he shouldn’t be loyal any longer.

While the Ultimates in the Twin Cities prepare to fly to the battle, unaware of what has happened, Flumm, now the director of SHIELD is working to move the former SHIELD agents to the Cube Prison when he finds out that Thor and Iron Man are resisting, and Tony is having a cerebral hemorrhage.

In the City, Zorn takes off his mask as his people die, and releases a black hole, damaging the City but not enough to stop them. 

The Maker watches and gloats as Hulk gets angry. In retaliation, the MAker sends in a secret child evolved especially against protocols named Death who teleports to Congress and explodes, wiping out Washington DC.

In Colorado, the Secretary of Energy is secured by War Machine James Rhodes as the new President via succession while the country has fallen under martial law. 

Flumm meanwhile has been chasing after Fury, the only man who could stop him since Winter Protocols were declared. Before Fury disappeared, he told the other Ultimates Wackos and vanished.

Tony Stark meanwhile is talking to a child version of himself that only he can see and Thor is angry about what they can’t do but Tony’s health is a threat. They head to the Baxter Building where Sue finds that Tony’s brain tumor returned and Tony finally remembers to tell Sue that Reed is the Maker.

The Ultimates – Monica, Sam, and Clint meanwhile went to California where Flumm has them under surveillance.

And in Asgard, someone wielding Mjolnir emerges from Yggdrasil.

Tony meanwhile has been trying to reach Carol while SHIELD has sent agents after him and Thor. 

The Ultimates reached West Coast Operational Security, a secret Fury operation – aka the Wackos. Inside they find Dr. Hugo Lopez the last person working there since nobody has been paying money and Monica asks him to activate their secret team.

Meanwhile the President is dealing with the army of Sentinels in the Southwest hunting mutants and Texas dropping from the United States, as they’re being financed. 

Tony finally gets to meet the President through Carol but only if he and Thor surrender. They agree and Tony explains he has a way to beat Reed but in exchange SHIELD stops Winter Protocols.

The Ultimates meanwhile have to hold off the SHIELD agents and do fine until a squad of Giant Men are sent after them and they end up captured.

Afterwards, the President doesn’t trust Tony so he decides to turn him over to The Maker to aim for peace and Tony is brought to the City.

The Maker scans Tony to make sure he isn’t a danger before gloating about how he has won and taunting Tony about his tumor.

Meanwhile Tony’s tumor child, Anthony, goes to talk to the City to befriend it. As Reed prepares to kill Tony, Anthony forms part of the city into a giant robot. Reed tries to activate the City to protect him but instead the City raises it’s concerns with the regressive behaviors that The Maker has exhibited like breeding Death, blocking the City from knowing things and advancing itself, and attacking the United States so the Children vote to drop The Maker. In retaliation and to fight Tony he injects Hulk with Giant-Man serum. The big fight between the robot Anthony and Hulk weakens the defenses.

We get a flashback where Tony explains he realized his tumor was like the city and they could work with it to get rid of The Maker. 

Thor and Sue Storm move in to attack. Sue finds Reed and bubbles him up and the Hulk is knocked out. Thor decides he needs to return to Asgard. 

Meanwhile news covering the United States falling into chaos reaches Captain America who was up in Alaska and he decides he needs to come home.

Ultimate Comics Spider-man #6-12 – Scorpion

Ultimate Comics Ultimates #7-12 – Two Cities, Two Worlds

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