UltiversalQ #046: The Spider-Man Meme Where They’re Both Pointing At Each Other

Luke and Devin are back to help Nick Spencer finish his Ultimate Comics: X-men run before all of that changes with another writer taking over, and then follows a crossover between the Ultimate Universes and the 616! Also Luke loses his voice, and it is all pretty quick so there is some video game talk at the end.

Comics Covered

  • Ultimate Comics: X-men #7-13
  • Spider-Men #1-5

Check out the image gallery (when Devin sends it) and show notes after the jump.

Ultimate Comics: X-men #7-12

Writer – Nick Spencer, Pencils – Carlo Barberi, Paco Medina, Inks – Walden Wong, Juan Vlasco, Color – Marte Gracia, Chris Sotomayor,  Letters – VC’s Joe Sabino

Pietro is fucked up because when he was selling the government on the Nimrod-model sentinels that he built by hand in a week, the power ghost of Reverend Styrker possessed them all and started committing genocide.  He returns home looking for Wanda blaming her for everything since she was following orders from God and she replies he didn’t do what he needed because he never went to Egypt which is what caused everything so he is forced to go out there alone and finds his father waiting for him.

Meanwhile Val Cooper is worried about Ultimate X defecting to Tian, especially Karen Grant AKA Jean Grey and goes to Nick Fury, who assures her that Jean is actually a psychic projection, and he still has the real person working for her and then brain washes her to forget, but then it turns out that Fury might actually be getting played and Karen is actually Jean Grey who is loyal to Tian.

Before the Sentinel and Mutant news at Camp Angel, a mutant internment camp, Colossus was tortured for information under the orders of Major John Walker. Colonel Lake who is overseeing the camp wants him to work with the mutants the same way he works with Storm who is a representative of the mutant community. She warns them about Stacy X who is a firebrand who wants them to overthrow the camp and Storm tells them to let her vent because Lake wants them to continue this plan of internment for the future. The news that the government created mutants hits the news but Lake quickly cuts off communication and Storm sees she has believed a lie, cuts her hair and attacks the prison and unites the mutants in taking out the defenses and rescuing those who were locked up including Colossus. Stacy X moves to kill the guards starting with Lake and Walker and Storm demands that they put it up to a vote and it is a tie until Colossus who didn’t vote comes and kills Lake by crushing his head, seconds before the Nimrods arrive. They start murdering so Walker, who gets freed, works with Storm to get them out.

The news hits the White House where President Obama, before he died, announces he is abandoning the Southwest states where the Nimrods are and soon they start building a Master Mold. At Kennerman Acres in New York, a mysterious figure goes in and everyone around him starts to age to death. He is heading after Alex Summer, Havok, who has been talking to the ghost of his brother, Cyclops.

Meanwhile at Roxxon, Layla Miller is working on getting access to the M-Serum when she sees the mysterious figure retrieved Havok and this is part of a bigger plan between the mysterious figure – Sinister – and the returned Apocalypse. 

Spider-Men #1-5

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Art – Sara Pichelli, Color – Justin Ponsor, Letters – Cory Petit

After stopping some criminals and escaping the cops, Earth 616 Peter Parker stumbles into a weird factory where he finds a portal and Mysterio. After webbing him up, Spider-Man investigates the portal but a missed shot from Mysterio causes him to be sent to the Ultimate Universe.

Realizing something is up, he tries to go to his home but finds someone else living there and heads out to investigate more until he sees someone getting mugged who thanks him but comments Spider-Man shouldn’t wear Peter Parker’s costume which freaks Spider-Man out before he runs into Miles Morales, Spider-Man.

Back in the 616, Mysterio wakes up and sends in an Avatar, an Android that has been acting as Ultimate Mysterio to kill Spider-Man.

Peter and Miles try to figure out what’s going on which results in the Spider-Men fighting evenly but ultimately after unmasking Miles, Peter is knocked out with a venom blast and wakes up in a SHIELD holding cell. Nick Fury gets the rundown and releases him, introducing him to Miles officially. Fury sends Miles and Peter in a helicopter so Peter can see what happened to his counterpart but Mysterio shoots down the helicopter. 

The Spider-Men save the pilot and move to fight but Mysterio drugs them with a hallucinogen that makes them see and get hurt by Ultimate Spider-Men’s enemies until Miles gets the drop on Mysterio forcing him to turn it off before Mysterio explodes the robot and decides to lock them in the Ultimate Universe. After the robot explodes the Ultimates – Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Thor show up and Iron Man starts looking into the avatar. Meanwhile Peter isn’t sure what is going on anymore, thinking it could be more of Mysterio’s tricks before he tries to go to his old apartment, stops and robbery and then sees the newspaper article reporting on his death and he finds out the truth, before heading to Aunt May’s home where May and Gwen just moved back in from France and he takes off his mask.

May and Gwen attack him before Miles shows up to help and explain and Aunt May faints.

Back at SHIELD, Tony has been trying to figure out what is going on.

MJ meanwhile gets a call from Gwen about Peter in vague terms, and after, Miles and Gwen give Peter swap stories about their worlds before May joins then and gives him a hug when he mentions Uncle Ben, and uses it as a way to say goodbye to her Peter. SHIELD shows up back at the house and Peter and Miles leave and Peter briefly sees MJ watching him but she runs off without a word.

Back at SHIELD Tony is trying to figure things out when Miles recognizes a view from a Mysterio youtube video and so the Spider-Men, Thor and Iron-Man along with a SHIELD contingent go after Mysterio’s base. 

Mysterio meanwhile is preparing to shut the portal when Peter pulls him through with a web and is captured. He struggles and sets the building on fire before drugging everyone with their fears but Miles cuts through it and tackles Mysterio, following him back to 616 before Miles kicks him back and Nick Fury arrests him. 

But all of the damage means the portal might close soon so Peter has to leave and says his goodbyes and advice. Back home after a shower, Peter googles 616 Miles Morales.

Ultimate Comics: X-men #13

Writer – Brian Wood, Pencils – Paco Medina, Reilly Brown, Inks – Juan Vlasco, Terry Pallot

Iceman, Rogue, Jimmy Hudson, and Kitty Pryde are traveling the country since the Sentinel attack that led to Obama abandoning the Southwest. In a flashback Kitty has decided to give up hiding in the Morlock Tunnels and acting as Shroud and moves to attacking the soldiers attacking protestors, and she wants to move the fight overall.

Johnny Storm meanwhile decides to stay and look after the kids for the time being.

Kitty’s group starts their travel via bus where she gives them armbands with Xs to wear, until all mutants are free.

Ultimate Comics: X-men #7-12 – Spencer Pt 2

Spider-Men #1-5

Ultimate Comics: X-men #13 – Hit The Road

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