UltiversalQ 047: All That And Civil War Too!

Luke and Devin are back as the country falls apart. Sorry, specifically the United States in the Ultimate Universe. The Ultimates are going to try and save it, the X-men are going to try and kill some Sentinels, and Spider-Man is going to try and make a coherent timeline! Also breakfast talk, a Persona 5 update, and more!

Comics Covered

  • Ultimate Comics: X-men #14-18.1
  • Ultimate Comics: Ultimates #13-18.1
  • Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #13-18

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Ultimate Universe Part 47 – All That And Civil War Too

Ultimate Comics X-men #14-15

Writer – Brian Wood, Pencils – Paco Medina, Reilly Brown, Inks – Juan Vlasco, Terry Pallot, Colors – Marte Gracia, Letters – VC’s Joe Sabino

In New York City, the Morlock Tunnels are raided by the government while across the country Kitty is traveling with Rogue, Iceman and Jimmy and since she stopped being mopey, Jimmy is attracted to Kitty. The Southwest where they’re traveling is filled with Sentinel patrols and anti-mutant bigots. They end up getting stopped and searched before being released but Kitty is concerned and they stop at a diner so Kitty can use a payphone to call Johnny, but all she hears is Purge, one of the kids saying Johnny was taken away. Unfortunately during the call the patrol followed the mutants to the diner and Kitty hears gunshots. When Kitty comes in she finds that they shot Jimmy but he pops up and along with Bobby they brutally assault the people who attacked him before Rogue goes to try and see what their plan is and instead just sees how shitty they all are. They leave everyone alive and Kitty is frustrated about the situation and has them stop because the plates would be recorded and they could be tracked and she tells them about the Morlock tunnels. They put it to a vote to keep going though find an abandoned farm where they take supplies and another truck. When they keep driving they find a destroyed town and Paige Guthrie, Husk, who offers to lead them to a mutant encampment controlled by Nick Fury.

Ultimate Comics: Ultimates #13-14

Writer – Sam Humphries, Pencils – Billy Tan, Timothy Green II, Inks – Terry Pallot, Colors – Matt Milla, Ifansyah Noor, Letters – VC’s Clayton Cowles

At Camp Hutton, the secret temporary government base, President Howard meets with SHIELD Director Flumm who he orders to get the Avengers in line before Carol Danvers shows up and he chooses her as the new Chief of Staff. As they go over the issues, news comes in about Captain America fighting in New Mexico where he takes down a militia. 

Meanwhile Tony Stark is ignoring the financial crisis for his company when he sees the Captain America news and flies out after, taking a break to try and call Thor who is in the process of rebuilding Asgard. They show up in time to help him stop a controlled Nimrod and the people who were using it and Captain America has stopped being Ultimate Captain America. 

In Texas, Morez, who has been popping up to empower the rebelling states has left Texas who declared independence backed by a nuclear arsenal but which was not enough to stop the Ultimates who went in, within 15 minutes to take out the leaders which they did.

Morez meanwhile meets with Senator Underwood, offering him a deal to allow a rebellion in Wyoming before ending in a few weeks, to support the west coast union and while he is initially hesitant, Morez blackmails him into accepting.

Back in Texas, the Ultimates find the leaders of the Texas rebellion with gold bars, marked with a Norse rune. They are able to disarm the nuke that was launched before it hit. Unfortunately the news comes in that the Supreme Court ruled that Howard’s powers were illegally gained and ordered a special election.

The news also reached the California base where the secessionist government there is struggling with how to deal with the refugees from the Southwest and Morez suggests Hank Pym’s secret Wasp drones.

Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #13-15

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Art – David Marquez, Color – Justin Ponsor, Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

At the Triskelion, Captain America and Iron Man get the news about the new Spider-Man before the news story about him killing the Prowler comes up.

Miles is meanwhile traumatized and it doesn’t help when his dad tells him his uncle died and Spider-Man is to blame.

At school, Miles gets a call that shakes him from the daze and after being stopped on the street by a patrolling soldier he decides to change into his Spider-Man outfit. On the way he funds Batroc the Leaper robbing a jewelry store and helps to stop him, but causes some collateral damage before he has to run from the police.

He gets to the rendezvous point where he finds Aunt May, Gwen Stacy and Captain America, who specifically tells Miles he can’t be Spider-Man anymore because he’s too young and didn’t have training. That’s when MJ shows up to point out Captain America was supposed to train Peter but he never did and Gwen points out he blamed himself for Peter’s death. 

Captain America gets a call to go elsewhere and warns him that he’ll tell Miles’ parents if he goes out again and leaves. That’s when Aunt May gives Miles Peter’s web shooters and tells him not to do what Peter Parker would, but what Miles Morales would. After a rough first start, he finds Captain America at the Lincoln Tunnel fighting the Rhino. He considers doing a Venom blast but still thinks it caused Prowler to explode but it ends up working and taking out The Rhino. 

Ultimate Comics: Ultimates #15-18

Writer – Sam Humphries, Pencils – Billy Tan, Luke Ross, Inks – Terry Pallot, Colors – Ifansyah Noor, Andres Mossa, Jesus Aburtov, Matt Milla, Letters – VC’s Clayton Cowles

The Wasps drone fleet keeps killing people trying to get into California while the election is currently split between Howard and Underwood, and the country itself continues to fracture.

Captain America is told by President Howard to stay in Dallas but he instead goes to meet Nick Fury who tells him to let him handle the Southwest and Captain America doesn’t know what to do. When reports of a riot breaking out in California leads to a drone attack that the California government has no control over, caused by Morez, Captain America comes in and the President finds out from Carol Danvers that he resigned. The rest of the Ultimates follow in and Cap leads the Wasps to a trap where they’re destroyed and people start thinking about voting for Captain America for president. 

Morez meanwhile left California to head for Wyoming to work with Hydra, an anti government organization, to help raid Project Pegasus.

As the Ultimates work on cleanup, Thor finds another rune that was left behind and he’s able to destroy the last of the Wasps before Captain America gets a call telling him he just got elected President.

Captain America accepts the nomination at the Triskelion where he says they all need to work together and he will lead them as the President before jumping in a jet to fly off. 

Carol Danvers gets put in charge by President America while he is fighting to end the fight between the Carolinas, where they force the leaders to return to the United States. He sends Tony out to California to guide them and Thor to check out Project Pegasus and Thor has concerns because of the rune he keeps seeing. President America meanwhile is dealing with Underwood trying to limit what he can do but President America instead goes to Detroit to stop the militia there, which Underwood and Morez are unhappy about, which is coupled with California returning to the United States.

Thor meanwhile finds an army at Project Pegasus and warns President America of the situation. President America orders SHIELD to support Thor but Flumm is against it and instead Flumm and Underwood try to kill President America moments before Monica Chang shows up to arrest him followed by President America flying in because it was a ruse. Meanwhile Hawkeye comes in to Arrest Underwood, disbanding the Senate Emergency Powers Committee. 

Morez meanwhile is confronted by Thor who believes that he is Loki but he reveals that he is Modi, Thor’s son and the last Asgardian God.

Hydra, led by Modi, has assembled an army and Modi hopes to gain his own kingdom and now has Thor in his thrall. SHIELD shows up including new Giant-Woman, Cassie Lang, Falcon and Sue Storm. They start to realize that there is magic involved as Modi takes over the remote controlled War Machines, but President America flying in on a hoverbike inspires them until he gets shot. Modi explains that he now has the Mind Gem from Project Pegasus which is part of a giant’s brain that grants power to the wielder and he uses it to control Cassie Lang to shoot down the Helicarrier before making Thor and President America fight. 

We cut to the future where President America has won the war but Hydra remains waging war, forcing President America to start moving towards fascism and martial law but then President America realizes it was all an illusion, breaking free. Meanwhile with the Helicarrier crashing, Monica is stuck trying to figure out what to do because when it hits the ground it will cause an explosion with a 100 mile radius.

President America meanwhile convinces Thor to snap out of it long enough for him to throw his shield, releasing people from the Hydra mind control which a majority of the people were under. 

Freed, Cassie is able to save the Helicarrier. Thor then kills his son and the Ultimates get the rest of the Hydra militia that was fully fascist to surrender.

Back at the Triskelion with the secessions stopped and a portion of Hydra with weapons, they stand ready for whatever comes next.

Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #16-18

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Art – David Marquez, Pepe Larraz, Color – Justin Ponsor, Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

After showing Ganke the shooters, Miles heads home for a police investigation with Detective Maria Hill about Aaron’s death. She asks a lot of questions and ultimately reveals that the police think his own tech exploded, killing him meaning Spider-Man isn’t to blame.

Back at school everyone is called for an assembly where they are told due to the national situation the school is closing and everyone is to be sent home. Miles decides this is the perfect chance to go and join the Ultimates and he webs onto a ship to head there before he runs into soldiers who want to shoot at him until Captain America comes out.

Meanwhile, Jefferson, Miles’ dad, wants to get home but ends up arrested by SHIELD. 

Captain America is angry at Miles for how he came over and the time he chose to do it when a Quincarrier crashes with a Hydra squad led by Gorgon. Miles and Captain America work to stop the soldiers and Miles holds his own and Captain America sees it and decides to let him in, moments before Captain America becomes sworn in as President America.

They then ship off to Wyoming on the Helicarrier with Hawkeye assigning Miles and Spider-Woman to work together even though she doesn’t like it. 

Jefferson is meanwhile still in SHIELD custody in a van when Hydra attacks and they offer guns to anyone who will stand with them against SHIELD.

Back in Wyoming, Miles is having a rough time and tries to fight a Hydra War Machine but ends up having to be saved by Spider-Woman.

Meanwhile Rio, Miles Mother, is trying to get home and she is luckily allowed in and finds Jefferson sitting on the couch with a gun.

Back in the fight, Miles sees another War Machine this time going for President America and hops onto him and ends up falling from the sky, falling unconscious and waking up in a field with no webs and no idea where he is.

Meanwhile Ganke is watching the news and sees, along with everyone else, that Spider-Man saved President America. 

Miles is wandering the flatlands and finds the mind controlled Cassie Lang who tries to capture him, Miles develops a fetish for giant women, and is ultimately knocked out.

Back at home, Jefferson explains how when Hydra gave him the gun, he used it to kill the Hydra agents instead and comes home. 

Miles wakes up and knocks Cassie out but this time runs into Spider-Woman who found him and he realizes he may not be as cut out as he thought for the Ultimates.

When he gets home, Spider-Woman suggests he has extra clothes in the future, and tells him an excuse for where he was. He asks why she cares about him and she promises to tell him more, later, when she is ready. 

Rio and Jefferson meanwhile went to look for Ganke and that’s when Miles shows up and his family is happy to see him.

Ultimate Comics: X-Men #16-18

Writer – Brian Wood, Pencils – Carlo Barberi, Paco Medina, Agustin Padilla, Inks – Juan Vlasco, Color – Marte Gracia, Letters – VC’s Joe Sabino

Nick Fury works to start training Kitty’s team because he knows mutants should handle the problem. Husk ends up leading Kitty to a mutant farm they’ll need to free along with other landscape locations to plan attacks from. Kitty is also bothered when she hears Stryker is behind everything because she believes that she killed him.

Kitty meanwhile struggles to inspire the other mutant refugees in the base while Rogue starts talking to Quintin Quire who is able to touch her.

Kitty, working with Fury, takes down two Nimrods and one of the mutants who goes by Black Box is able to hack into it, unaware that the message is being shared with other sentinels and Stryker recognizes her voice.

Kitty meanwhile releases a message out announcing her goal to have peaceful mutant existence but that force will be met with equal force.

Blackbox meanwhile realizes that the Nimrod was still sending a signal. Meanwhile Jimmy’s team successfully captures a convoy while Bobby goes after a camp with Husk and they end up freeing Hisako, a mutant who can psychically form armor. 

Celebrating their victory, Fury warns Kitty that peace is its own challenge, before Black Box warns her about the signal from Nimrod as the army of Sentinels comes in.

Meanwhile President America promised a resolution to the Southwest Crisis, Johnny Storm escaped custody in New York City.

Kitty ended up setting up a massive defensive perimeter to fight, suffering losses and slowly winning.

In the morning, Fury says he has to leave and isn’t sure where President America will stand but that he will visit.

Rogue and Quire meanwhile have been talking and Quire works to heal Rogue’s mind to clear her of everything that was bothering her. 

The last squad of Sentinels attacks and Kitty finally kills the last Stryker Sentinel, and meets President America shortly after. He tells her they have a way to remove mutations from people using a modified SEAR virus if they choose, but if not, they will be made to live on reservation, and there is no negotiating beyond that.

Ultimate Comics: X-Men #18.1

Writer – Brian Wood, Art – Filipe Andrade, Color – Jean-Francois Beaulieu, Letters – Joe Sabino

Kitty has a debrief after an explosion that happened under her watch. Husk ended up exploding a bomb in the line for the mutant cure, which Kitty sees as genocide. Kitty believes that Husk was brainwashed to serve Stryker to prove him right after the war.

Afterwards, Bobby is upset because he liked Husk, while Quire is going to take the cure which Rogue doesn’t know about. 

Nomi, aka Mach Two showed up after leaving the Morlock tunnels and used her magnet powers to remove some shrapnel from Bobby. She met with Kitty to show that her powers got stronger, to the point where she can isolate the iron in Kitty’s blood and she wants war with humanity, which Kitty doesn’t want. At the end of the debriefing, Kitty and the other remaining mutants head off to the reservation.

Ultimate Comics: Ultimates #18.1

Writer – Sam Humphries, Art – Dale Eaglesham, Color – Andy Troy, Letters – VC’s Clayton Cowles

In Florida, Hawkeye is having a standoff with a man in a massive robot suit that turns out to be dangerous than previously expected, and as it is headed for the nearby nuclear power plant and quarks are showing up, Monica Chang escalates the situation to President America, who just got done saving people from a mine collapse.

Tony Stark and Anthony are meanwhile working on their plans to rebuild the country when they get the call while Thor is attacking Mount Elbert in the Rocky Mountains to deal with his grief over killing his son. 

Monica gets informed by Hawkeye that the man is Dr. Jake Miller who previously worked at the plant, and they realize if the Titanium Man isn’t stopped, the nuclear fallout could reach from Florida to New York City. 

The Ultimates try to attack but it isn’t working and Monica gets the last bit of information which is that he saved the plant before and prevented a meltdown and so President America decides to talk it out and it turned out while he was saving people, his family was killed. Thor empathizes with him and is able to get him to step out so they can arrest him. 

Later on Monica warns of the dangers of new technology reaching the public like the Quark power source in the Titanium Man gauntlets, that are becoming more common, so President America wants a new team of Ultimates, and Tony Stark rebrands himself as Iron Patriot. 

Ultimate Comics: X-men #14-15 – Divided We Fall

Ultimate Comics: Ultimates #13-14 – Divided We Fall

Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #14-15 – Divided We Fall

Ultimate Comics: Ultimates #15-18 – United We Stand

Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #16-18 – United We Stand

Ultimate Comics: X-men #16-18 – United We Stand

Ultimate Comics: X-men #18.1 – At The Speed of Mach Two

Ultimate Comics: Ultimates #18.1 – Point One

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