Episode 131: The MultiversalQ 3rd Antos-versary

Happy Anniversary Episode! Luke and Devin sit down with Marvel editor Heather Antos to talk about editing Infinite digital comics, the dream lineup of titles, poor Sinjin, Doctor Aphra, non-Marvel Comics, Power Pack Noir, Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, what makes Gwenpool special and more!

Notes and Mentioned:

Episode 72: Suicide Squad vs Kingdom Come

This week Luke and Devin tackle the Suicide Squad Convergence versus Kingdom Come, get disappointed in Space Punisher’s Frank Tieri, talk about Oracle and Suicide Squad redeeming her after the Killing Joke left her broken and Deadshot vs Deathstroke

Universes and Issues Explored: 

  • Pre-Zero Hour Metropolis – Convergence: Suicide Squad #1-2


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MultiversalQ Presents The Age of Apocalypse: Part 4

From Earth-295, the award winning 5 part documentary Age of Apocalypse, presented without commercial interruption by MultiversalQ.

Episode 4: The Starjammers, The Shadow King, Inside The Core, The Lost Gateway, Mikhail’s Army, and Cleansing The Pits. With the vocal talents of Bri Rudd (Jubilation Lee), Rhythm Bastard (The Madri), Kieran Shiach (Jonothon Starsmore), Blackwolf (Weapon X), Clay Yount (Mikhail), and Jay Edidin (Alex Summers). Music by Rhythm Bastard. Cover art by Kyle Latino.

Otherworldly Conversations 006

It’s Otherworldly Conversations where Luke and Devin mean to talk about what makes a good alternate universe but instead talk about the Lego Marvel DLC, Keanu and Green Room and then recent comic purchases including Captain America’s Bicentennial Battles, Silk and more!

Our cover art is by Kyle Latino

Otherworldly Conversations 03

In a new Otherworldly Conversations, Luke and Devin create some new Amalgam heroes, talk about what comics that they are reading currently, and then discuss the start of Daredevil Season 2 (minor spoilers – but it’s at the end of the episode) with a short touch on Lego Avengers and the season pass.


If you haven’t checked out Dinosaur Comics, they are here. 

Steve Orlando is the guy on Midnighter. Follow him on Twitter.

Nimona is available to be purchased or read online here!

Episode 7: Age of Ultron – no, not that one.

Luke and Devin discuss the comics event The Age of Ultron and then lots of comics that are better than age of Ultron. Also Luke found out how to do the volume on the recorder so the volume is up!

Universes and Issues Explored:

1. Earth 61112 – Age of Ultron – Age of Ultron #1-6
2. Earth 26111 – Age of Morgana Le Fay – Age of Ultron #6-12

Plus tie ins:
Avengers Assemble – #14 AU, #15 AU
Fantastic Four – #5 AU
The Fearless Defenders – #4 AU
Superior Spider-man – #6 AU
Ultron – #1 AU
Uncanny Avengers – #8 AU
Wolverine and the X-men – #27 AU


Luke figured out the volume so the episodes will be louder now! Score!

Also Wednesday we will be having Daredevil special where we discuss the TV show so see you then!