Adventureview Module 146: The Mysterious Mansion ft. Al Ewing

Outside of a small town sits the MultiversalQ Mansion, a building which has been filled with questions ever since the mysterious owners vanished months ago. Enter in with Marvel writer Al Ewing as he braves the mansion to find his prize – but will he survive – and will he answer your question?

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MultiversalQ Presents The Age of Apocalypse: Part 2

From Earth-295, the award winning 5 part documentary Age of Apocalypse, presented without commercial interruption by MultiversalQ.

Episode 2: Flight of the Horsemen, Weapon X, A Place Called Heaven, The Cullings, and Across Space. With the vocal talents of Al Ewing (Mister Sinister), Blackwolf (Weapon X), Curt Franklin (Warren Worthington III), Jay Dawson (Henry McCoy), Chris Sims (Remy LaBeau), and James Leask (John Proudstar). Music by Rhythm Bastard. Cover art by Kyle Latino.

Thunder Gods, Thunderbolts and Thrill Power! With Al Ewing


Universes and Issues Explored: 

  1. Earth 869371  – The Mighty Thor 371-372

  2. Earth 912177 – Dark Avengers Vol 2 177-182


  • Zaniac first showed up in Thor 319.  My bad.
  • Al Ewing’s Dredd story in year one is Wear Iron which is in this collection.
  • We reached out to Jeff Parker about if he was a Dredd fan, the villains and more and he was great enough to reply.

Definitely a 2000 AD fan, and of course it was a chance to tell a ‘last Judge Dredd’ story. It worked in with the way I portrayed Luke in the series, always put-upon, always with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Boss Cage knows the whole world is messed up and beyond saving, he just wants it to have never happened. A good chance to do something with post apocalypse worlds. I remember Kev telling me about concept stuff for the Dredd movie and how everyone quickly realized you couldn’t turn a motorcycle wheel that was that wide. Of course, ours was cobbled together out of Marvel characters in that alt future scenario, so it’s not just giant tires, they’re flaming with Ghost Rider hellfire.

  • You can follow Al Ewing on Twitter and check out Judge Dredd to learn the magic of the THRILL POWER!

We will be back Friday with him talking Contest of Champions!

Our cover is by Noél Villay and our theme music is by Vibe Leviathan.

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Episode 7: Age of Ultron – no, not that one.

Luke and Devin discuss the comics event The Age of Ultron and then lots of comics that are better than age of Ultron. Also Luke found out how to do the volume on the recorder so the volume is up!

Universes and Issues Explored:

1. Earth 61112 – Age of Ultron – Age of Ultron #1-6
2. Earth 26111 – Age of Morgana Le Fay – Age of Ultron #6-12

Plus tie ins:
Avengers Assemble – #14 AU, #15 AU
Fantastic Four – #5 AU
The Fearless Defenders – #4 AU
Superior Spider-man – #6 AU
Ultron – #1 AU
Uncanny Avengers – #8 AU
Wolverine and the X-men – #27 AU


Luke figured out the volume so the episodes will be louder now! Score!

Also Wednesday we will be having Daredevil special where we discuss the TV show so see you then!