UltiversalQ 042: The Death of Spider-Man

Oh no! Luke and Devin spoiled it in the title of this comic! But luckily we didn’t spoil anything else! Like how the fallout of the Triskelion in Iran leads to problems or how Gregory Stark wants more Triskelions and some beefy boys have to stop him! Or wait, that was more spoilers…

Comics Covered

  • Ultimate Spider-Man #156-160
  • Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates #1-6

Check out the image gallery and show notes after the jump.

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Episode 125: Alive In Phoenix

Happy Jeanuary listeners! This month we are highlighting some Marvel Girl/Phoenix related stories.
This week we cover what if Jean didn’t die – twice! First a post-Phoenix retcon and then a pre-Phoenix retcon!
And Devin and Luke are in the same room and Luke doesn’t have notes. The Internet goes out! They can’t do a good high five! Dogs bark! A cat meows! Basically a quality episode.

Universes and Comics Covered:

Earth-9112 – What If Vol 2 #32-33
Earth-81727 – What If Vol 1 #27

Check out the image gallery after the jump! And the page we looked at costumes on is here.

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