UltiversalQ 039: The Assassination of Reed Richards by the Coward Reed Richards

This week Luke and Devin watch a lot of explosions go on as the smartest minds that Brian Michael Bendis remembered are killed and it’s up to Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, and the Fantastic Four (minus Reed) and also Nova (he’s back) and Captain Marvel team up to try and fix things before they get worse!

Issues Covered:

  • Ultimate Comics: Enemy #1-4
  • Ultimate Comics: Mystery #1-4
  • Ultimate Comics: Doom #1-4

Check out the image gallery (when Devin sends them in) and show notes after the jump.

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UltiversalQ 038: Joe Biden’s Satanic Biker Cult

Luke and Devin are here as the Ultimate Avengers are formed to fight Red Skull, Nova is here abby and will be around forever, Joe Biden faces Ghost Rider, Kitty goes on the run from the government, and there’s two Chameleons.

Issues Covered:

  • Ultimate Comics Avengers 1
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #7-14
  • Ultimate Comics Avengers 2

Check out the image gallery and show notes after the jump.