Episode 147: The Heroes Con 2018 Sketchbook Special

This week call up your loved ones because Luke and Devin are coming at you with another All Winner’s Sketchbook Special! Don’t think you’re a winner? Sweetie, get some more faith in yourself, you big old winner. We want you to win after all! It’s what you were made to do! Made? Sweetie?! Yes, we are also here to say that you were in fact a genetic creation which is why you got that invisible tail during puberty. Also the murder claws! Anyway, we still love you and got you some art by Patrick Dean, Chad Bowers, Chris Sims, Kyle Latino, Emmett Helen, and Scott Koblish!

Universes Discussed:

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Adventureview Module 146: The Mysterious Mansion ft. Al Ewing

Outside of a small town sits the MultiversalQ Mansion, a building which has been filled with questions ever since the mysterious owners vanished months ago. Enter in with Marvel writer Al Ewing as he braves the mansion to find his prize – but will he survive – and will he answer your question?

(Sorry about the background fuzz)

Episode 145: So It’s Come To This, Another Joke Special

This week Luke and Devin recorded early since Luke went to DC and they did Wha… Huh? a joke one-shot with art by Jim Mahfood and scripts by a number of big name creators. There are new top reaching and bottom shooting universes. Luke didn’t even edit this episode so hopefully it works!

Universes and Comics Covered:

  • Earth-200500-200529 – Wha…Huh? #1

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