Late This Week

Luke had a busy week of editing (see the three podcasts from last week) so the podcast for this week got pushed off a bit. It will be up Monday afternoon instead of Sunday since Luke was busy, needed time to relax and GarageBand is being difficult (none of the Wave Forms are showing up – contact me if you know a solution!)


Welcome to MultiversalQ

Welcome to MultiversalQ, the podcast where your hosts Luke and Devin go directly into the black hole of comics that is the multiverse and hope to survive!

Each week we plan to cover the Multiverses in one form or another in a regular 10 episode cycle between What Ifs, Stand Alone Stories, Exiles Arcs and then the 10th episode will be on a specific DC Universe since there are only 52 – for now more!

Episodes will go up Sundays on PodOMatic, Itunes, Stitcher and other sites. You can subscribe to our RSS feed here.

2021 Update – the show is complete now!