Episode 153: Robot Blasting, Beast, and Smashing

This week after 150 numbered episodes since starting, the recap of the Exiles is done.

Wait, there’s a new series currently running? Daaaamn. Well at least these important canonical moments won’t be ignored.

Wait, they aren’t remembered and that one shot we covered two weeks ago isn’t mentioned?

Daaaaamn. Well enjoy our victory lap.

Universes and Comics Covered:

  • Earth-10102 – Exiles Vol 2 #4-5
  • Earth-90631 – Exiles Vol 2 #6
  • Earth-763 – Exiles Vol 2 #6
  • Earth-8149 -Exiles Vol 2 #6
  • Earth-1119 -Exiles Vol 2 #6
  • Earth-2814 -Exiles Vol 2 #6
  • Earth-8823 -Exiles Vol 2 #6

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Episode 123: Too X-men To Live, Too Sword To Die!

This week – Luke and Devin finish up their coverage of Exiles Vol 1 and the New Excalibur crossover – X-MEN: DIE BY THE SWORD! Who will join The New Exiles? Also I guess, other stuff!


  • Exiles Vol 1 #99-100, X-men: Die By The Sword #1-5

Check out the gallery and show notes after the jump!

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Episode 57: Sabertooth’s Bad Dad Award

This week Luke, Devin and the Exiles take on Tanaraq, learn about the concept of Canadian supervillainy, and check in on Age of Apocalypse Sabertooth and his garbage son.

Universes and Issues Explored: 

  • Earth-50358 – Exiles #58

  • Earth-2600 – Exiles #59


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Episode 23: Vi-popping and Vi-Locking

Devin and Luke discuss the Legacy Virus except not really, everything is Doug Ramsey’s fault and we lose a member of the Exiles again.

Universes and Issues Explored: 

  1. Earth 8545 – Exiles Vol 1 #20-22

Theme song by Vibe Leviathan and cover art by Noel Villay.

Don’t forget to check out the image gallery!

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Episode 3: Introducing Horseface

Devin starts reading the Exiles, Luke rereads the Exiles again and Magnus is the most goth.

Universes and Issues Explored:

1. Earth 1815

Exiles Vol 1, Issues 1 and 2

Universes Mentioned:

1. Earth-295 – Age of Apocalypse
2. Earth-1081 – Morph’s Universe
3. Earth-1100 – Thunderbird’s Universe
4. Earth-12 – Mimic’s Universe
5. Earth-27 – Magnus’ Universe
6. The Space Outside of Time and Space

And if you listen in to the podcast, we have a contest with prizes!