Episode 33: Romance Comics Vs Vampires

Luke and Devin welcome Judd Winnick back to the Exiles for some vampire fighting and some really solid romantic comics with our favorite team of universe hopping heroes.

Universes and Issues Explored: 

  1. Earth-3931 – Vampire Avengers – Exiles Vol 1 #31-32
  2. Earth-? x3 – Magik messed stuff up – Exiles Vol 1 #31
  3. Earth-9927 – Wolverine Weapon X – Exiles Vol 1 #32-33
  4. Earth-3470 – Sasquatch’s Home Universe – Exiles Vol 1 #33
  5. Earth-8545 – Legacy Vi-Locks – Updated from Episode 23 – Exiles Vol 1 #34


  • Magnus was the son of Rogue and Magneto, not the daughter. I was tired and didn’t catch that.
  • Links to the Daredevil and Fantastic Four Journey Into Misery episodes.

Our cover is by Noél Villay and our theme music is by Vibe Leviathan.

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