Weezer The Podcast: Episode 11

From our Multiversal Affiliates, the Luke and Devin from another universe sent an episode from their Weezer song review podcast as they start to discuss The Green Album, Don’t Let Go and Photograph, along with a Patreon incentive bonus song.

Our cover art is by Colt Hoskins.

Songs Discussed

  1. Don’t Let Go
  2. Photograph
  3. Susanne

And here’s their complete list of Weezer songs ranked via amalgamated lists.

  1. The Good Life
  2. In The Garage
  3. Across the Sea
  4. Say It Ain’t So
  5. My Name Is Jonas
  6. El Scorcho
  7. Getchoo
  8. Undone – The Sweater Song
  9. Buddy Holly
  10. Pink Triangle
  11. Susanne
  12. Photograph
  13. Don’t Let Go
  14. Only In Dreams
  15. Why Bother
  16. Tired of Sex
  17. Falling For You
  18. Surf Wax America
  19. No Other One
  20. The World Has Turned and Left Me Here
  21. Holiday
  22. No One Else
  23. Butterfly

MultiversalQ Presents The Age of Apocalypse: Part 3

From Earth-295, the award winning 5 part documentary Age of Apocalypse, presented without commercial interruption by MultiversalQ.

Episode 3: Landing In Bristol, The Missing Rasputins, The Outcasts, Starcrossed, Avalon, and The Arrival of Apocalypse. With the vocal talents of Blackwolf (Weapon X), Kieran Shiach (Jonothon Starsmore), Chris Haley (Nate), Chad Bowers (Scott Summers), Jeff Stolarcyk (Cain Marko), and Alex Pearlman (Apocalypse). Music by Rhythm Bastard. Cover art by Kyle Latino.

Comments For Comics Raffle Contest

So we’ve been running the podcast for half a year and we’d appreciate feedback and opinions so we are hoping this contest will generate some.

The contest is open to US residents and is open until January 1st.

To enter you must post a rating on the Itunes page for MultiversalQ with a review, take a screenshot of it, and mail the screenshot along with a universe you want us to put on the Trials of the Multiverse chart to multiversalq@gmail.com.

On January 2nd, we will randomly draw one of the names for the email submitted for a prize – currently we have three prizes (and may add more as time goes on).

In no particular order:

  • Contest of Champions Sketch Cover by Kyle Latino
  • Kyle Latino's Sketch Cover for the Raffle
  • Complete run of Mutant X and Mutant X (the TV adaptation)
  • Identity Wars HC (the crossover from episode 2)

The Somewhat Redeemable Ant-Man Special

Universes and Issues Explored:

  1. 1. iHeaven – Ant-Man and Wasp #1-3
  2. Earth 9939 – Death’s Head II V 1 #3-4


  • Here is a link to Akira the Don’s Death’s Head Comic 

  • Black Fox was a preexisting character. Continuity! FNORD! 

  • Thank you Tim who is our audience member who response. Also Devin will never see this but if he does, he can delete this.

  • Thank you to @dogunderwater, Lorraine K, and Tim Seeley for the help identifying Funnybone.

  • If you are seeing this, Luke will be tabling at SPACE in Columbus OH this weekend (July 18-19 with Joe Hunter).

  • My diagnosis of Monica Rappacinni may be problematic, if you can do so, please correct me. This depiction of her (the panels I posted really aren’t enough, gave me the feeling to comment on what I did. Also her depiction here is pretty different than that of other depictions but comics are inconsistent if anything.

Our cover is by Noél Villay and our theme music is by Vibe Leviathan.

Check out the image gallery after the drop.

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