Episode 41: The Future is Bleak

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house, Luke and Devin read a What if and could only grouse. They saw Wanda in the future, Steve Rogers too, and a pointless tale of Daredevil that brought nothing new. Then as the episode ended they fell fast asleep – honestly this episode doesn’t get all that deep.

Cover art by Noel Villay, theme music by Vibe Leviathan and check out our website and maybe our Patreon.

Universes and Issues Explored: 

  1. Earth 83438 – What If Vol 1 #38
  2. Earth 8342 – What If Vol 1 #38
  3. Earth-83042 – What If Vol 1 #38


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Episode 16: Water Fowl

Luke and Devin talk about Weapon X (not the Canadian ones), Sasquatch (not the Alpha Flight one) and then actual Namor vs Doctor Doom. Also check under the fold for an image gallery!

Universes and Issues Explored:

  1. Earth-2600 – Exiles Vol 1 #12-13

  2. Earth-1016 – Exiles Vol 1 #14-15

  3. Earth 12 – Exiles Vol 1 #14-15


  • Sasquatch is normally Roger Langowski but Alpha Flight is something that I haven’t gotten into.

  • Luke meant telekinesis not telepathy. Jean Gray and Mimic would float around with telekinesis.

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Our cover is by Noél Villay and our theme music is by Vibe Leviathan.

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