Episode 150: Part 1: Enter the Dungeon

This week Jamie Madrox, Bakugo, General Wasperus, and Godzilla from that one comic where he played basketball with Charles Barkley find themselves in a deadly dungeon whose level of deadliness is matched by how much of a dungeon it is! Will they find out how they got in here? Will they escape? And will anyone be able to understand Godzilla?

Part 2 on Wednesday or Thursday.

Episode 149: Mirror, Marvel

This week Luke and Devin go with Captain Marvel into a mirror dimension with a Mirror Alpha Flight, a Mirror Black Widow, a Mirror Guardians of the Galaxy, a Mirror Thanos, a mirror little house with a mirror little window in a mirror little world where everything is mirrors.

Universes and Comics Covered:

  • Earth-? – Captain Marvel #125-129

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Episode 148: Pietro Ran Into Wanda And Vision

This week it is the Last Avengers story ever! Luke and Devin are sorry because well, the comic is bad but the content is good. Or it isn’t as bad as the comic. List, I guess what I’m saying is, Peter David – you keep screwing us over and your legacy. Do better my dude.

Universes and Comics Covered:

  • Earth-9511 – The Last Avengers Story #1-2

Check out the image gallery after the jump!

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