Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice v A Piss Jar with Strucci Movies

Luke and Shannon from StrucciMovies talk about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in a very SPOILER FILLED discussion. There are some issues with the quality so it’s a bit jumpy at the start. This was also recorded late at night so it’s a weird movie. There’s discussions about Superman stories, the many faults of the movie, as well as movie theater etiquette and the Marvel Civil War comics. Also the very best idea for the next iteration of Hannibal – HANNIBAL-COPTERS.

Episode 20: A Literal Soviet Superman

Comrades Luke and Devin present storyski of Superman: Red Sonski. And Luke can’t do a Russian accent. And Devin is sent to Soviet Prison.

Universes and Issues Explored:

  1. Earth-30 – Superman: Red Son #1-3


  • Sorry for the sound on this one. We were recording in the basement and across the Internet.

  • Also I meant to say Lex Luthor fixed the economy. Life keeps Luke busy sometimes.
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Episode 5: The Third Nail’s The Charm

Luke and Devin discuss Justice League: The Nail and Another Nail, purposefully get Greg Lantern’s name wrong, meet the arch-nemesis of the show and declare the best couple in the comic book universe.

Universes and Issues Explored:

1. Earth ? – Justice League: The Nail, Another Nail

Universes Mentioned:

  1. Earth-3 – Crime Society Universe – Seen in Another Nail
  2. Earth-4 – Charlton Universe – we see the Atom- Seen in Another Nail
  3. Earth-5/S – Fawcett Universe/Thunderworld- Seen in Another Nail
  4. Earth-12 – Inferior Five- Seen in Another Nail
  5. Earth-86 – possibly – Alt Version of the Atom- Seen in Another Nail
  6. Earth-? – T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents/Tower Comics- Seen in Another Nail
  7. probably a few other ones that we are missing.