Episode 6: Wolverine Wins at Karaoke

Universes and Issues Explored:

1. Earth 8649 – Exiles Vol 1, 3-4
2. Earth ? – Spyderman – Reader Question


  • I love Waiting For The T. Here is the specific strip I was referencing.
  • The Marvel Wikia denotes that Beast and Nightcrawler are dead in Earth 8649. We have reached out to Judd Winnick to try and get official confirmation for this because while we forgot Beast was in the Trial of the Phoenix, he and Nightcrawler should have not been murdered by the Phoenix.
  • We also …Luke also feels like an idiot since he just discovered how to increase the input on the recorder so that will help with volume level and quality. Sorry for the wonky audio on this episode – we want to get a regular recording space but it has been difficult. But the next episode will be better.

We are going to be doing our Age of Ultron What If Special as well as a Daredevil TV show special.