UltiversalQ 040: Thor Put A Baby In Me

This week Luke and Devin get closer to the next Ultimate phase as Captain America is the villain, The Ultimates face off against the villains from The Ultimates 2, and Thor also coincidentally goes back to events related to Ultimates 2!

Comics Covered

  • Ultimate Comics: Captain America #1-4
  • Ultimate Comics: New Ultimates #1-5
  • Ultimate Comics: Thor #1-4

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UltiversalQ 007: The UltiPrinze

Content Warning: Assault!

This week Luke and Devin are back with a bunch of people they’ve met with their buddy Ultimate Spider-Man as they form a team that gets funding when a false flag operation to kill Freddy Prinze Jr succeeds. I mean, they don’t kill Freddy but they get the money they need to justify a bloated military budget. Also Spider-Man fights the Green Goblin again and then has to write a speech.

Issues Covered:

  • Ultimates Vol 1 #1-6
  • Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 #22-27
  • Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special #1

Check out the show notes and images after the jump!
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