Episode 147: The Heroes Con 2018 Sketchbook Special

This week call up your loved ones because Luke and Devin are coming at you with another All Winner’s Sketchbook Special! Don’t think you’re a winner? Sweetie, get some more faith in yourself, you big old winner. We want you to win after all! It’s what you were made to do! Made? Sweetie?! Yes, we are also here to say that you were in fact a genetic creation which is why you got that invisible tail during puberty. Also the murder claws! Anyway, we still love you and got you some art by Patrick Dean, Chad Bowers, Chris Sims, Kyle Latino, Emmett Helen, and Scott Koblish!

Universes Discussed:

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Episode 122: SON OF SANTA!

This week Luke and Devin talk about some Santa times like when he got the Infinity Gauntlet, when he died, when he died again, and when he went to 1980s New York City which is the living death!

Universes and Issues Explored:

  • Earth-42409 – Marvel Holiday Spectacular
  • Earth-8336 – Bizarre Adventures #34
  • Earth-83234 – Bizarre Adventures #34
  • Earth-8337 – Bizarre Adventures #34
  • Earth-8642 – Bizarre Adventures #34

Our theme music is by Vibe Leviathan and our cover art is by Kyle Latino.

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The 2016 HeroesCon Special

Luke comes back from Heroes Con with a sketchbook full of art with new universes to put on the Trials of the Multiverse chart.


Featuring Art from:


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MultiversalQ Presents The Age of Apocalypse: Part 2

From Earth-295, the award winning 5 part documentary Age of Apocalypse, presented without commercial interruption by MultiversalQ.

Episode 2: Flight of the Horsemen, Weapon X, A Place Called Heaven, The Cullings, and Across Space. With the vocal talents of Al Ewing (Mister Sinister), Blackwolf (Weapon X), Curt Franklin (Warren Worthington III), Jay Dawson (Henry McCoy), Chris Sims (Remy LaBeau), and James Leask (John Proudstar). Music by Rhythm Bastard. Cover art by Kyle Latino.

Jubilee Has A Posse: Interview with Chris Sims and Chad Bowers

Luke sits down with Chris Sims and Chad Bowers in the Aviatorium to discuss X-men 92, their upcoming Marvel Infinite comic, X-men changing in the 90s and more.

Universes and Issues Explored:

  1. Earth 912131 – X-men: The Animated Series Universe
  2. Earth ? – X-men 92 (Part of Battleworld)