Episode 76: Exiles of Vengenace

Luke and Devin travel with the Exiles as Beak returns to the 616 mid-House of M, the team fights Proteus, the World Tour begins and then follow as Beak joins the Teen Brigade and we’re introduced to the prototype of Miss America Chavez.

Universes and Issues Explored: 

  • Earth58163.1 – Exiles #69-71
  • Earth-616 – Vengeance #1-6


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Our theme music is by Vibe Leviathan and our cover art is by Kyle Latino.

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Episode 46: Fury and Dum-Dum In Mouse Land

In which Luke and Devin rejoin the Exiles as they are joined by Namora who ripped apart a shark as a kid, Johnny Storm worries about his sexuality, Mimic actually has good ideas and Impossible Man has a little something special for people with the inanimate object fetish – and nightmares for everyone else.

Universes and Issues Explored: 

  1. Earth-616 – Exiles Vol 1 #46-48
  2. Earth-14845 – Exiles Vol 1 #49


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Our theme music is by Vibe Leviathan and our podcast is by Kyle Latino!

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