Episode 72: Suicide Squad vs Kingdom Come

This week Luke and Devin tackle the Suicide Squad Convergence versus Kingdom Come, get disappointed in Space Punisher’s Frank Tieri, talk about Oracle and Suicide Squad redeeming her after the Killing Joke left her broken and Deadshot vs Deathstroke

Universes and Issues Explored: 

  • Pre-Zero Hour Metropolis – Convergence: Suicide Squad #1-2


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Episode 10: The Power of Shazams!

Luke and Devin get all into Captain Marvel and Shazam and confuse those two names a few times, but there are lots of good comics as they explore a few new worlds that top Trials of the Multiverse.

Universes and Issues Explored:

  1. Earth ? – Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil #1-4
  2. Earth S – Convergence: Shazam
  3. Earth 5 – The Multiversity: New Thunderworld Adventures


Ibac – IBAC has his own Shazam style powers but when he says his name he returns to his non-super form, Stanley “Stinky” Printwhistle. His powers are from Lucifer and he has the powers of Ivan the Terrible, Cesare Borgia, Attila the Hun and Caligula which is pretty great you guys.