Otherworldly Conversations 03

In a new Otherworldly Conversations, Luke and Devin create some new Amalgam heroes, talk about what comics that they are reading currently, and then discuss the start of Daredevil Season 2 (minor spoilers – but it’s at the end of the episode) with a short touch on Lego Avengers and the season pass.


If you haven’t checked out Dinosaur Comics, they are here. 

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Otherworldly Conversations 002

Luke and Devin talk about Lego Avengers a bit more, CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, Agent Carter being better than Agents of SHIELD, current comics, several tangents and then more current comics! It’s like Wait, What? except it’s by people who do not know the magic of being married or even loved.

Our cover art is by Kyle Latino with theme music by Vibe Leviathan

Otherworldly Conversations 001- Lego Avengers and the NewNu52

In the first Otherworldly Conversations, Luke and Devin talk about real stuff like Lego Avengers, the amazing powers of Korvac and the DC Rumors with a new idea – rebooting failed Nu52 series in the Morrison DC Multiverse. If you enjoy this sort of thing, let us know because god knows we enjoy talking.

Art by Kyle Latino and music by Vibe Leviathan.