The Costume Secret of X-men 92 with Scott Koblish

Luke and Devin sit down to talk to artist Scott Koblish about his Guinness World Record holding Deadpool cover, X-men 92 and the secret of the X-men 92 era costumes.


The episode of X-men 92 was “Secrets, No Longer Buried” and technically Tusk is an Inhuman who was mutated further by Apocalypse.

Jubilee Has A Posse: Interview with Chris Sims and Chad Bowers

Luke sits down with Chris Sims and Chad Bowers in the Aviatorium to discuss X-men 92, their upcoming Marvel Infinite comic, X-men changing in the 90s and more.

Universes and Issues Explored:

  1. Earth 912131 – X-men: The Animated Series Universe
  2. Earth ? – X-men 92 (Part of Battleworld)